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Customized backpack logo crafting

by:Huide     2021-06-03
When customizing a backpack, the logo (LOGO) is usually a pattern + text. Many customers will be entangled in which method is better. After a brief summary, it can be roughly divided into the following categories. In fact, each method has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it depends on the fabric or style of the bag.  1. Backpack printing: The printed logo of the customized backpack is suitable for all backpacks. It can do a lot of embroideries or other places that cannot be done perfectly. For example, printing can print out complex patterns, small patterns, and accurately print colors according to the PT color number provided by the customer. But this is something that embroidery cannot do. Some embroidery cannot embroider small fonts. When the quantity is small, it is impossible to embroider in the color you require. Many customers understand that printing is easy to drop. In fact, it is not. Now the printing technology is getting better and better. Many big brand backpacks also use printing methods, which are simple and generous.  2. Backpack embroidery: that is, embroidery, similar to the embroidery on clothes, it feels bumpy to the touch. Embroidery can make the whole bag look more three-dimensional, and most customers will think that the embroidery looks more high-end.  3. Soft plastic cards: suitable for all bags, including customized boxes; but there are a certain number of requirements for the use of soft plastic cards. For example: the number of bags should be more than 1000. The relative time will be relatively long, because the mold needs to be opened, and the normal mold opening time is about 7 days. The cost of the mold is between 300-500, and the individual charges range from 0.3 yuan, depending on the color and size of the plastic plate.  4. Hardware brand: suitable for all bags, including custom boxes; metal mold opening is longer than soft plastic cards, and the normal mold opening time is about 5-7 days. The hardware brand logo is divided into gun color hardware and pearl hardware. The cost of hardware molds is between 600-1200, and the single charge is also more than 1 yuan. Backpacks using hardware brands look brand-like, high-end atmosphere and high-end.
Collectively, the effect of custom backpack manufacturers on industrial society has been to eliminate backpack manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with wholesale backpack.
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