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Customized backpack prices and quotations

by:Huide     2021-09-25
In 2011, the output value of China's luggage duffel industry reached 90 billion yuan. China's luggage industry maintained a rapid growth trend with an average annual compound growth rate of 27.1%. There is a huge demand space in the international luggage market, which directly promotes the export growth of China's luggage products, and makes the export of luggage and luggage achieve a good momentum of steady growth. Chinese luggage companies should continue to improve their independent research and development capabilities and technical equipment, enhance their marketing capabilities, expand export channels, further accelerate the pace of going global, and gradually realize the transformation from product output to capital output and brand output, and build a batch of domestic A well-known brand with a reputation to enhance the international competitiveness of products. This has led to the diversification of customized prices for backpacks, such as: 1. The customized price of backpacks is affected by styles. There are many styles of backpacks. Different styles have very different uses and prices. Generally speaking, the simpler the style, the better the production process. Simple, the shorter the production time, the lower the customized price, and vice versa, the higher the price. If an enterprise wants to customize a backpack with more complete functions, the production process will be more complicated, and the customized price will naturally be higher. 2. The price of customized backpacks is affected by the material. Material is an important factor affecting the customized price of backpacks. There are many kinds of materials for making backpacks. The price difference of different materials is very large. Generally speaking, the material of cloth is not If you need to open the mold, you can directly proof it, but if it is an EVA material backpack, the mold must be opened when making it, and the mold can be proofed after the mold is opened. Then the overall cost of the EVA material backpack is higher than that of cloth, and , The wear resistance and waterproof properties of cloth materials will also affect the cost. Therefore, when customizing backpacks, corporate purchasers should pay attention to choosing materials that are cost-effective according to the budget. 3. The price of customized backpacks is affected by the number of customizations. As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover. If the number of customized backpacks is large, most manufacturers will quote the price lower. Because the number of customized backpacks is large, the overall production cost control of the manufacturers will be better. Reasonable, the occurrence of waste will be reduced, and the production cost will be reduced, and the manufacturer's quotation will naturally be reduced. Moreover, in order to save costs, many custom backpack manufacturers have a minimum order requirement for the customized quantity. If the order quantity does not meet the relevant regulations, the manufacturer will not accept the order to avoid losing money. , just choose, good reputation and trustworthy! In line with the tenet of 'customers, for customersYou can see the strength, you can choose a factory!
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