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Customized key points of photography package customization

by:Huide     2021-08-10
For photographers, the camera is like their second life, so how to protect the second life is particularly important. The key points for customizing the camera bag are here to share with you.   1. The camera bag cannot be 'Appearance Association'. Customized photography bags must not be based on appearance, but must pay attention to inner beauty. The first step in customizing a camera bag is the size. For this information, you can learn from the leaflets of each camera bag manufacturer. Professional bag manufacturers will also provide you with reference materials. For a photographer with three mirrors, one body and one flashing light, a one-foot-long camera bag is very sufficient. It can hold a battery and a charger, a waterproof plastic bag or even a raincoat or wind jacket.   2. External use materials for the camera bag. When choosing materials for customized photography bags, the first thing you look at is external materials. The most important function of external materials is waterproof and wear-resistant. Generally, nylon, EVA, canvas, etc. are commonly used. These materials are also divided into many types and different. Hard fabrics such as EVA do not absorb water and are very difficult to pierce. And nylon and canvas will add some waterproof protection materials on the surface, or add a waterproof layer between the two pieces of fabric.   3. Inside the camera bag. The camera bag pays attention to 'softness inside and rigidity outsideThe camera bag can choose soft materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton and fluff to effectively isolate the front contact with the outer fabric, and elastically protect the internal camera storage safety.   4. Camera bag accessories. Photo bag processing and customization, choosing a zipper is another condition to consider. Strengthen the protective performance of the camera bag, whether the top cover of the camera bag has a waterproof edge, and whether there is a good zipper on the surface of the bag to prevent the camera from throwing out when the camera bag is reversed. In order to consider the long-distance photography trip, it is better to have a place to lock the zipper, which can prevent people from being stolen, and is strong. At the same time, the outer bag must also have good waterproof equipment. A good camera bag, even if it is thrown into the water for a while Will not damage the camera in the bag.   It is unquestionable to make a good camera bag to ensure the safety of the camera. For our company's gift, it is also a prestige influence on our own brand. When we want to customize a camera bag, we can provide the above customization requirements to communicate with the camera bag manufacturer, or contact the manufacturer directly, and we will directly provide you with a complete camera bag customized plan.
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