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Customized manufacturers of inspection standards for custom-made backpacks

by:Huide     2021-07-03
In the era of increasing individuality, backpack styles are also emerging in endlessly: simple, retro, cartoon and other styles also cater to the needs of fashionable people to express their individuality from different aspects. Nowadays, backpacks that have become one of the fashion trends are naturally inseparable from the marketing sight of companies. Many companies will customize backpacks for promotional activities, employee gifts and business gifts, and print corporate brand logos to take the opportunity to promote corporate brand image and represent The company has also begun to have very strict standards for quality. How do you inspect a good backpack? The manufacturer tells you the inspection standards for custom-made backpacks.   1. The main ingredient of the backpack. The main materials of backpacks are leather, PU, u200bu200bnylon, and canvas. Their material standards are different, but they have the same appearance and texture requirements. They all require a correct shape, an upright and stable, and no unevenness or skew. Leather fabrics must not have obvious injuries, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabrics must not have obvious bumps and prints, and the main parts of textile fabrics must not have defects such as broken warp, broken weft, or skipped yarn.   2. Backpack ingredients. Backpack ingredients are divided into lining and webbing. The international inspection standard for backpacks requires that the lining and webbing be rubbed with white cotton for 60 times, without fading, desizing, and bleaching. No skipping yarn, no hooks, no roving, no color difference, no big belly yarn, no stains, no holes, no warp breaks, no creases, no wrinkles.   3. Backpack accessories. Backpack accessories are divided into zippers and hardware. The international standard for backpacks requires that the zipper be rubbed 100 times with white cotton cloth without fading or bleaching. Durability: Test pull 100 times, no missing teeth, no missing teeth, no damage, the fabric requires the inspection requirements of the same lining cloth and webbing, and the chain requires no misalignment, missing teeth, bright and no rust, no missing plating, and snapping. Tight, no shaking. Hardware cracks, scratches, hands are not hurt by the touch of the front, rust on the surface, spots, stains, etc. are not allowed.   4. Corporate logo brand. The logo is the image of the company, and the inspection of the logo is the most important point in the package. The logo process includes embossing, embossing, offset printing, embroidery and silk screen printing. For the detection of backpack logos, the embossing, pattern must be clear, fuzzy, font adhesion is not acceptable, and wrong fonts (English) or wrong positions are not acceptable. , The embossing depth is different, the color fades, and the wrong color is not acceptable.   5. Backpack storage design. Backpack storage is divided into main bag storage and insert bag storage. The storage design of the backpack determines our storage capacity and storage safety. Leakage lines, jumpers, and broken lines inside the backpack are not accepted; the lines are not straight, and the corner lines are not round and smooth; there is a computer layer inside without PE cotton/pearl cotton/pearl shock-proof ball protection, judged by international standards It belongs to the category of unqualified computer backpacks. Leaking car lines at the bag slot of the backpack, not car in place, car in the wrong position, and perforation of the bag are not accepted.   The above is the 5-point backpack inspection standard compiled by the manufacturer. I believe you have a certain grasp on the direction of backpack verification. It is a customized luggage manufacturer integrating design, Ru0026D, production, processing and sales. For more than ten years, it has provided customized luggage and gift services for more than 3,000 companies, including Baidu, Alibaba, TCL and Kehui Medical. You are trustworthy Of luggage manufacturers.
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