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Customized planning and selection of corporate luggage and gifts

by:Huide     2021-08-30
The second half of each year is a critical period for business operations. Expanding the market, sprinting for performance, planning for next year, etc., in order to open up a larger market, in addition to increasing the motivation of the company's employees, the activity gifts in the second half of the year are also indispensable. The editor collected a selection and experience of customized luggage gifts. 1. Luggage and gifts to return to old customers It is a must for the company to revisit old customers. It is necessary to consolidate the relationship with old customers, allow customers to refer them, and the sales performance has the effect of covering the face, and the time and time it takes to develop a new customer company Energy is more than 5 times that of maintaining an old customer. Therefore, maintaining old customers is the cornerstone of stable business performance. Repaying old customers select bags and gifts according to the company's own strength, which is better for customers to carry with them.  2. Employee Anniversary Gifts, Bags and Gifts  Enterprise Anniversary can be said to be the most important celebration meeting for a company in the past year. In addition to the participation of all employees of the company, important partners and leaders are also invited. It would be very boring to just make a summary, perform a few shows, and give out a bonus at the anniversary. At this time, companies can take advantage of the anniversary celebrations to do some promotional feedback activities such as bags and gifts, customize some bags and gifts with the company's LOGO, and send them to guests, customers and employees to show the company's brand value and expansion, and demonstrate the company's strength. 3. Year-end summary meeting Luggage and gifts The year-end meeting is mainly a summary of the company's work throughout the year. In terms of luggage and gifts, it is also mainly given to internal employees. Luggage and gifts can be customized, such as computer backpacks, briefcases, leisure bags, etc. Both are good choices. It is recommended that companies prepare luggage and gifts in advance, because manufacturers have tight schedules for orders at the end of the year, and manufacturers are not easy to operate and have no stock when the quantity is small. 
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