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Customized production procedures for luggage

by:Huide     2021-07-08
production process control! After the new order is placed, the workshop should confirm the various parts and contents of the luggage sample in time, including the material texture and color, style structure, processing quality and appearance effect (refer to the samples provided by the business department), and produce a large-scale production before the production of large-scale goods. Whether the sample confirmation is consistent with the order sample. The confirmation of the luggage duffel production model is organized by the workshop director or team leader or semi-track inspection. The operators of this process participate in the confirmation of the first piece. A record must be kept. Major unqualified (such as poor materials, excessive color difference, excessive cut size, thread color matching, style inconsistency, and major appearance defects, etc.) found in the first piece confirmation shall be corrected in time before mass production. Workshop management personnel shall coordinate the handover inspection of material application, material distribution, and finished product transfer in accordance with the prescribed procedures and procedures to ensure smooth production. Workshop management personnel and inspection personnel should conduct inspections, control the quality of the luggage production process, correct illegal operations and unqualified operations, and conduct sequence inspections for key processes. In the production process, if it is found that the defective rate of materials or the defective production and scrap exceeds the specified index, it should be reported to the factory to organize relevant personnel to review and propose solutions. The workshop should send the finished product to the package inspection workshop, and the quality control department will organize the inspection. For the complete inspection of finished products, the finished products must be inspected one by one and item by item. If unqualified items are found, the unqualified items and parts shall be identified, removed and isolated, returned to the workshop responsible process for rework, and passed the inspection again. The finished product must be fully inspected before it can be packed and shipped. More luggage common sense 'scan and pay attention'
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