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Customized production process of trolley case

by:Huide     2021-08-17
Customization of trolley cases is a technical task, which requires more machine support than bags, and the process of custom-made trolley cases also has strict requirements. If we want to make a custom-made trolley case, when choosing a trolley case manufacturer, we can judge whether it belongs to an excellent trolley case manufacturer according to their custom-made trolley case manufacturer. Before that, we must understand the production process of custom-made trolley cases.   1. case model selection. For custom-made trolley cases, we can choose the manufacturer's model or reopen the mold. Usually the mold opening of the trolley duffel case is a hard trolley case, and the mold opening time of the hard trolley case is 2-3 weeks. Choosing the manufacturer's model can save the high mold opening fee (the mold opening fee of the trolley case is twice that of the backpack). If you are re-opening the mold, you must first prepare the design drawings (the manufacturer will help you design the trolley case drawings and then Make a template) and hand it to the cutting department. The trimmers use a piece of pattern (the front, back, left, and right patterns of the bag) to construct on the selected materials (cowhide, PU, u200bu200blinen, etc.), and make it the same as the pattern. Of course, you can also use machinery to cut the material, but some samples will be substandard if they are mechanically cut, and the lathes will deform it back and forth.   2. case logo selection. If you choose to customize the hard trolley case, you need a voltage for the trolley case logo when opening the mold. This is to prepare the trolley case hardware for mold opening, or to choose the watermark logo, and then choose color printing when opening the mold. If you choose a soft trolley case, the trolley case logo can be selected from metal mold, silk screen, voltage and other types. The logo can be customized when the main material of the trolley case is loaded into the car station, and a lathe is specially arranged to customize the trolley case logo.   3. Choice of trolley box accessories. In the manufacture of trolley cases, accessories are one of the most critical links. If there is no well-designed hardware accessories, then it means that the trolley case manufacturer cannot make a custom-made trolley case. box accessories mainly start with hardware. The five most important hardware accessories are die-casting. The use of die-casting machines is not complicated but requires technology. Only experienced press masters can well control the pressing force. If the pressing force is too light, The hardware fittings are not flat and smooth, and if the force is too large, burrs will appear. Therefore, from the hardware of the trolley case, we can also see the professionalism of the staff of the trolley case manufacturer.  The slider of the trolley case observes die-casting and polishing. Polishing determines whether the appearance of the trolley case is high-end. Of course, the trolley case as a high-end gift cannot be a failure on the slider. If the trolley box has a shiny feeling, then the slider needs to be highly polished, and then electroplated, the shiny effect can appear.  The feet of the trolley case are used to fix the trolley case, making it more durable and stylish. Therefore, the trolley case feet should be tested for shaking and instability. If there is no sway, you can rest assured.  The lock of the trolley case mainly checks the fit between the lock and the surface of the trolley case, the compression resistance of the lock itself, and the flexibility of changing the lock password.  4. box packaging. Once the trolley box is formed, it is time to check. After checking that there is no problem, hang the label on the package and it is complete.

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