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[Customized schoolbag] How to grasp the quality of customized schoolbag

by:Huide     2021-09-19
Towards the end of the semester, many schools have begun to work on schoolbag customization related matters for the new semester. Recently, many customers have received inquiries about schoolbag customization. In the dialogue with customers, most customers are most concerned about the quality of schoolbags. Today, I will tell you how to control the quality of customized schoolbags. Let's learn about it together.  1. Look for regular professional manufacturers to customize schoolbags. The selected manufacturers must be regular and professional, so that the quality of schoolbags can be guaranteed. Conditional customers can also go to the door to inspect the factory, and the real strength and qualifications of the manufacturer have been determined, and the choice is more assured. 2. Strict selection of fabrics is the basis for the quality of a bag. Only school bags made of good fabrics can withstand the test of time. Good fabrics basically have the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, and water repellency, and The quality of schoolbag fabrics is based on density. The higher the density, the better the quality. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, pay attention to choosing better quality fabrics, so that the schoolbags are durable.  3. Pay attention to the workmanship    Pay attention to the workmanship of the schoolbag sample. The quality of the product can be seen from the stitches. The sutures of the high-quality schoolbag should be consistent up and down, the stitches should be straight, the stitch length should be consistent, and there will be no empty needles or missing needles.  4. Backpack design   High-quality schoolbags should be ergonomically designed so that they will not cause too much pressure to the user and effectively reduce the burden on the shoulders. 5. The shoulder strap of the schoolbag is an important part of the schoolbag, and it is also the part that is relatively easy to damage. The quality of the strap can directly affect the service life of the bag. Therefore, when customizing the schoolbag, pay attention to checking the seamless fit on the strap. Cracks, whether the fixing line is good for the car, in addition, pay attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the strap, especially if you often have to carry heavy items, the load-bearing and firmness of the strap is very important. 6. Hardware accessories Many schoolbags have certain hardware accessories. The existence of these accessories can play a finishing touch to the bag. When customizing schoolbags, pay attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware accessories. Some hardware accessories have sharper shapes. It is not suitable for children. 

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