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Customized sewing thread classification custom manufacturers for backpacks

by:Huide     2021-04-28
In the era of personalized gifts, custom-made backpacks can not only reflect the corporate brand logo, but also allow customers to accept it with peace of mind. It is a well-established and practical gift customization. In the customization of backpacks, fabrics and accessories are the first image performance, and the second is the process details, especially the sewing thread, and the quality gap can be quickly seen.  The sewing thread of the custom-made backpack is functional and decorative. The sewing technology directly affects the sewing efficiency, sewing quality and appearance effect. There are many kinds of sewing threads, and there are two kinds of sewing threads customized for backpacks.  1. Natural sewing thread   Natural fiber sewing thread includes cotton thread and silk thread. These two kinds of threads have good dimensional stability and excellent heat resistance, but their strength is relatively poor. At present, they are mainly used for hand sewing and fixing. Natural sewing threads are often used for pure handmade products, which have a natural and original hand-made feeling.  2. Synthetic fiber sewing thread   Now most of the synthetic fiber sewing thread is still used. The main varieties of synthetic fiber sewing thread are polyester thread, nylon thread, acrylic thread and vinylon thread. The main characteristics of synthetic sewing thread are high tensile strength, low washing shrinkage, good wear resistance, moisture resistance and not easy to be corroded by bacteria. Moreover, its raw materials are sufficient, the price is low, and the seamability is good. It is currently the most widely used. The variety with the best practical performance.   Among synthetic sewing threads, polyester thread and nylon thread are the most widely used. Among the polyester threads, there are three commonly used polyester threads, polyester filament threads, and polyester filament elastic threads. Among them, ordinary polyester thread occupies a dominant position due to its low price, high strength, abrasion resistance, and good chemical resistance. Polyester filament thread has high oil content, fewer joints and higher strength, so it is mostly used for sewing military products. The polyester filament elastic sewing thread is mainly used for sewing elastic fabrics.  In the sewing of luggage products, polyester thread is mainly used for sewing linings or auxiliary materials, and sometimes also used for surface sewing of thin fabrics or textile fabrics. There are three types of nylon thread: filament thread, short fiber thread and elastic deformation thread. At present, the main variety is nylon filament sewing thread. Compared with polyester thread, it has greater strength, better elasticity, light weight, and good gloss. , In the sewing of luggage products, nylon thread is mainly used for the sewing of fabrics.
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