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Don't step on these thunder points for backpack gift customization

by:Huide     2021-04-18
Backpack gifts have strong practicability and have a certain brand promotion effect. Many companies will choose customized backpacks as corporate employee welfare gifts or as gifts for customers, or more directly for product promotion activities. When the backpack gift is customized, if the purchaser does not understand the relevant market, it is easy to walk into some minefields, which will affect the custom backpack process and even cause some troublesome things to happen. Backpack gift customization, don't step on these minefields, let's learn about it together.  1. In the Internet era, many people looking for backpack manufacturers will search the Internet, but the Internet information is mixed with real and fake information. When looking for a manufacturer, it is not necessary to go to the factory to see it, but in the early stage, it is necessary to inquire about the strength of the certified factory, past reputation, proofing strength, sample quality and other details. It is necessary to observe the true strength of the factory from the details. Don't think that some manufacturers take it seriously. Really powerful manufacturers can reflect their true strength in all aspects.  2, the price of customized backpacks is not as low as possible.   Customized backpack prices are affected by factors such as style, material, and quantity of customization. “One piece of money, one piece of goods”, good quality will not be cheap, and cheap quality will inevitably not be guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing personnel understand the customized price of backpacks, they must remember to avoid falling into the price minefield. You must know that the price of a good-quality backpack will not be very low. The purchasing personnel must pay attention to the selective price within a limited budget. Style, don't be greedy for cheap, and don't be fooled by the factory to make a high-priced backpack. 3. The delivery time of backpack customization is not as short as possible. Mass customization of backpacks, from the design of styles, material selection, special production, to mass production, etc., requires a certain amount of time to complete the craftsmanship required during this period. Is the delivery date? Guarantee is directly related to the quality of the finished product. It is impossible to deliver goods in ten days, but it requires three days to do it. If the manufacturer promises in one fell swoop that it will take only three or five days to make a large product, then you have to worry about this. Is the manufacturer really capable of making high-quality goods for you? For the purchasers who are familiar with the process, it is relatively easy to avoid these minefields for backpack gift customization, but for the novice purchaser, if you want to successfully complete the custom backpack task, you must learn more about related matters and avoid entering Minefield. Of course, choosing a formal, professional and capable backpack customization manufacturer can solve more than half of all troublesome problems. 
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