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Eight basic tailoring processes to determine the quality of luggage and custom manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-08-02
The bag stitching process is to connect all the parts and components of the bag to form a whole to form a complete product. In the bag making process, there are eight most basic crafts in tailoring, and from these basic tailoring techniques can judge the quality of the luggage, then the following editor will introduce you to the eight basic tailoring techniques.  1. Stubble stitching method: Stubble stitching is a method in which the edge of the upper part is pressed against the edge of the lower part, and the two parts are overlapped and sewn.  2. Reverse stitching method: This method uses the overlap of the two parts to sew.  3. Turn-over stitching method: The turn-over stitching method is carried out on the basis of reverse stitching, which can be used for bordering, fringing, bottoming and so on for luggage.  4. Rolling seam method: This method is carried out on the basis of reverse seam, and is generally used for hemming of the edge of the part.   5. Overlock method: This is made by sewing one part wrapped around the edge of another part.  6. u200bu200bInlaid stitching method: This sewing method uses two parts to connect and sew the middle inlaid thread.   7. Lockstitch method: Lockstitch method is a flat sewing method. It uses a single part to sew, and when sewing it is tailored according to the pattern pattern that has been previously formulated. This sewing method plays a role in increasing the aesthetics of the product.   8. Zigzag stitching method: After the two parts are connected, the sewing machine presser foot is stitched back and forth in a curved curve at the joint of the two parts.   There are many sewing processes for luggage and bags, and different processes can achieve different finished products, but the effect is judged by the quality of sewing.
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