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Essential common sense for high-end luggage processing and customization

by:Huide     2021-04-07
At the end of the year, it has become the norm for companies to customize welfare gifts for their employees. For enterprises, welfare gifts play a very important role. An intimate welfare gift can not only show the company's care for employees, but also increase the enthusiasm of employees at work, thereby enhancing the company's performance. In recent years, with the popularity of gift bags, more and more companies favor processing customized gift bags as welfare gifts. So, what should you pay attention to when processing and customizing luggage?   Gift luggage is a practical gift, with a very high cost performance, and a practical index. It is also a necessary fashion accessory and suitable for all kinds of people. When employees return home at the end of the year, luggage is an indispensable equipment, which facilitates the carrying of various daily necessities. Therefore, it is a very wise choice for enterprises to purchase gift bags! However, gift bags pay great attention to product quality and have high requirements on workmanship and materials. Therefore, it is best to choose customized high-end bags, which can better express the company’s wishes and also Enhance the image of the company.   High-end luggage processing and customization pay attention to uniqueness and specificity, which can avoid the embarrassing encounter of bumping into the bag. At present, there are two types of high-end luggage processing customization, one is processing customization based on existing model styles, and the other is design customization of new styles without a model. The former needs to improve the pictures or templates, and the delivery period is relatively short; the latter needs to clarify the appearance requirements and functional requirements to meet various special needs, so as to achieve personalized customization.

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