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Five custom manufacturers of outdoor backpacks to extend life

by:Huide     2021-08-23
To travel outdoors, in order to be safe and to better achieve the goal of travel, a practical and good-looking outdoor backpack is believed to be taken care of by outdoor enthusiasts! Be careful when using, washing and storing. Take a look at the following methods for the use, maintenance, and cleaning of backpacks and they will not reduce their service life. One: According to the correct operation of the backpack up and down, the structure of the backpack will be unevenly operated if the operation is not followed. The lighter backpack will reduce the weight sharing effect, and the heavy one will cause damage to the backpack structure; try to lend the backpack to others as little as possible: The backpack bracket will conform to your back curve more and more, if you borrow the backpack, you may have to re-adjust and adapt when you come back. When passing unprotected, the shoulder straps should be relaxed, and the waist and chest straps should be opened so that in case of danger, the bag can be separated as quickly as possible. Two: Do u200bu200bnot drop the backpack, pack a solid backpack, the tension of the sutures is already quite tight, if the backpack is rude at this time, or accidentally falls, it is easy to break the sutures or damage the buckle. Do not stick to the backpack fabric: tableware, pot sets, and other hard materials close to the backpack fabric, as long as the outer surface of the backpack rubs against the hard rock walls and railings, it will easily wear the backpack fabric. Three: Be careful to buckle the webbing accessories during the transportation: often when you get on and off the backpack in the chartered car, there will be some pulling conditions, so when the backpack is on the car, pay attention to whether the waist buckle is fastened or not. Some backpacks have a soft waist buckle. Buckle the lower part of the backpack reversely. Some backpacks are supported by hard plastic plates at their waists. They can’t be reversed. They can easily split. It is best to cover the backpack with a backpack cover to prevent the webbing from being entangled with other backpacks. The pulling process damages the backpack.  4: During the camp, the backpack should be closed tightly to prevent small animals such as mice from stealing food and small insects and ants from entering. At night, you must use a backpack cover to cover the backpack. Even in fine weather, dew will still wet the backpack. In the snow season, you can use a backpack as the door of the snow hole. If you are walking or crawling in the woods or shrubs, it is more suitable to load the backpack and lower the center of gravity. In the camping, you can put the empty backpack under your feet and wrap it outside to insulate it on the cold surface to improve the sleeping temperature. . Five: If the backpack is torn, it needs to be immediately patched. It is necessary to use a thicker needle thread, which is specially used for patching the chair cushion. The needle must be sewn firmly. The nylon thread at the end is broken by fire. Check the main support points, such as waist belt, shoulder strap, and carrying system. Stability, to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket, the zipper should be replaced when it is time to change, don't wait until things slip out of the backpack to remedy. Six: Make sure that the backpack is completely dry, and empty the backpack. Don’t leave anything in the backpack. On the one hand, avoid finding things. On the other hand, if there are other things in the storage, it will easily cause the backpack to deform after being stacked. The webbing buckle is tightened up and put in the storage box to keep it dry. You can spray some professional antibacterial and anti-mold sprays to avoid mold growth caused by long-term storage.
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