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Five fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags

by:Huide     2021-07-25
There are many types of materials used in everyday luggage duffel and bags, and their performance and advantages are also different. Oxford cloth luggage is one of the most popular fabrics among our commonly used luggage. Its strength, abrasion resistance and water resistance are all excellent. Oxford cloth fabrics have various functions and varieties. Let’s get to know the five major fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags. 1. Checked Oxford cloth: Among the five major fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags, the checked Oxford cloth fabric is interwoven with a plain weave on a water jet loom. This fabric has a light texture, soft hand feeling, good waterproofness and durability. Good for the advantage. 2. Nylon Oxford cloth: Among the five major fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags, nylon Oxford cloth is a plain weave structure, and the products are woven by water jet looms. The bags made are soft to the touch, strong drape, novel in style, and waterproof. Good to wait for the advantages.  3. Full-stretch Oxford cloth: Full-stretch Oxford cloth is made by using coarse-point changeable air-through weaves interwoven on a water-jet faucet loom. This fabric has fine texture, soft luster and good water resistance. The bags made of all-stretch Oxford cloth are very fashionable.  4. Tige Oxford cloth: This variety of Oxford cloth fabric is made of Tige weave texture and interwoven on a water jet (with faucet) loom. Tige Oxford cloth has a prominent check pattern on the front, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the reverse side adopts a PU coating process, which is more waterproof and better drape.   5. Weft Oxford cloth: The weft oxford fabric weaving process adopts the weft lifting and interweaving on a water jet loom (with a dobby faucet). The cloth noodles have clear noodles. Bags made from this variety of Oxford cloth fabric have the advantages of strong drape and good waterproofness.  The five major fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags are grid, nylon, full stretch, tiffany and weft. If you want to know more about the fabric knowledge of bags, you can directly call for consultation, and the customer service will answer you throughout the process!
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