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Five matters needing attention in personalized luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-07-12
In the process of luggage customization, personalized design is a very important step, because the product proofing is done according to the design pattern, then the following editor will take you through the five major items that need to be paid attention to in the personalized customization of luggage. 1. Material personalized luggage duffel design Before making a pattern, you first need to clarify the materials you want to choose for custom luggage duffel, because the effects of luggage made of different fabrics are different, in other words, the material can determine the luggage Structure and layout.  Second, size and shape  When the luggage is personalized, its size and shape are very important. In the personalized design, it is necessary to clearly indicate the size of each design structure, so that the size and shape of the luggage duffel can be clearly clarified during proofing.  三. Craftsmanship   In the personalized custom luggage, the craft is the key factor that determines the quality of the luggage, but the choice of craftsmanship also needs to be based on the personalized design, style and material selection of the luggage.  Four. Structure    In the personalized customization of luggage, designing the structure of the luggage is an indispensable step, because a finished luggage is made from luggage materials through the related process of luggage customization.  5. Color matching   personalized customization program When everything is about to settle down, you also need to consider the choice of luggage color. The color matching of luggage needs to be determined according to the design, shape layout, craftsmanship, etc. of the luggage, because the combination and design of colors is the most important point of visual impact.  The five major issues that need to be paid attention to in the personalized customization of luggage are explained in this one. If you want to learn more about luggage, you can follow the website, and more information is waiting for you to dig. Focusing on luggage customization for 12 years, the style, material, function, etc. are all customized by you to meet your personalized customization needs!
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