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Five operation steps for dyeing edges in bag edge modification

by:Huide     2021-07-06
edge modification is a very widely used process in the production of luggage products. edge modification generally refers to the modification between parts and parts or between parts and parts, and dyed edges are one of the small techniques in edge modification methods, so a brief introduction Here are the five major steps of dyeing the edge of the bag.  First, the cutting edge   The cutting edge in the bag edge modification is to cut the edge according to the process requirements to make the edge more straight and avoid the appearance of burrs. Second, after cutting the edge of the starting line bag, the next step is to start the line. Before starting the line, use an iron or a soldering iron to start the edge of the cut edge. This can make the edge clearer, but it must Avoid the possibility of scalding the leather surface.   Third, sand edge    Sand edge is to use sandpaper to frost the edge to frost away the fluff on the edge of the part to make the surface of the part more smooth and smooth.   Fourth, dyeing    After the parts are frosted, the luggage parts can be dyed. The dyeing needs to be carried out in accordance with the color required by the process. The general dyeing temperature is 30-40 ℃ to maintain the vividness of the color. Fifth, wiping is to wipe the brightener on the edge of the part, repeat 3 to 4 times, each time, the next one must wait until the previous wiping oil is completely dry before proceeding, so as to ensure the edge of the wiping The brightness is relatively uniform.
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