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Four details that cannot be ignored in the backpack carrying system

by:Huide     2021-05-04
Outdoor travel is more and more popular among people, and mountaineering is a kind of outdoor travel, and it is also a kind of outdoor activity that many people like. In outdoor travel activities, what kind of mountaineering bag is more suitable for outdoor leisure activities? In other words, what kind of mountaineering bag is better? Here, I remind you that mountaineering bags carry four major details that cannot be ignored in the system. The shoulder straps of the four major details that cannot be ignored in the mountaineering bag carrying system, generally well-designed mountaineering bags, the shoulder strap design is not only thick, and the exhaust system design is also very good, under the condition that the weight does not exceed 1/3 of the body weight In general, there is no discomfort, and a good mountaineering bag can adjust the force distribution of the shoulder strap and the weight distribution at will according to the physical strength.   Chest strap is one of the points that cannot be ignored in the backpack carrying system. The chest strap is used to adjust the distance between the two shoulder straps, so that the hiking bag fits more closely to the back, thereby reducing the load on the shoulders. The main function of the backpack compression strap is to adjust the backpack capacity, external equipment and maintain the center of gravity. Therefore, a good hiking bag, the compression strap in the backpack carrying system can not be ignored.  The most important detail in the backpack carrying system is the center of gravity adjustment strap. The center of gravity adjustment belt is the connecting belt between the upper part of the strap and the backpack, which is mainly used to make the backpack fit the body better and distribute the weight better. For outdoor hiking trips, it is recommended to choose a hiking bag with a smaller weight, more breathable, and strong load-bearing capacity.
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