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Four fabrics commonly used in professional mountaineering bags

by:Huide     2021-08-16
Mountaineering bag is a kind of luggage that people use more when doing outdoor mountaineering. Its large capacity makes it more convenient for people to carry outdoor travel necessities, and the mountaineering bag has strong functionality, and generally pays more attention to the design and material selection. What are the good materials available for the mountaineering bag? Let me introduce you to the four major fabrics commonly used in professional mountaineering bags.   Polyester is one of the commonly used fabrics for professional mountaineering bags. It has good heat resistance, elasticity, and high strength. It is a better material for mountaineering bags, but polyester has poor dyeability. The alias of nylon is nylon, which is also one of the commonly used fabrics for mountaineering bags. Polyamide is light, easy to dry and non-hygroscopic, and also has high strength, so it is also the choice of material for mountaineering bags, but nylon fabrics The wear resistance is poor, and it is also afraid of fire. DuPont material fabric is a kind of synthetic nylon. Compared with nylon, it has better drying properties, non-hygroscopicity and strength than nylon. DuPont material also has better abrasion resistance, but DuPont material is in terms of quality. , Heavier than nylon. Canvas is also a commonly used fabric for professional mountaineering bags. This fabric has strong abrasion resistance. Therefore, mountaineering bags made of canvas will be more durable. However, canvas mountaineering bags have poor water resistance, are more susceptible to moisture, and are more difficult to dry. It's still heavier.
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