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Four key points to be mastered in luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-16
For luggage customization, we need to find reliable factories, but when looking for factories, purchasers still need to understand the luggage industry so that they can choose a better manufacturer without worrying about being deceived. For this reason, today I will tell you the four key points of luggage customization. Let’s take a look. 1. The professional and formal luggage factory is the first choice. The professional and formal luggage factory has a very complete luggage customization process, and has experienced luggage designers and pattern-making masters. They are familiar with various fabrics, hardware and craftsmanship, and can know by their feel and vision. The fabrics and prices used in the sample bags make customers feel more at ease!   2, neither the first sample nor the pre-production sample should be processed by the luggage factory. When processing customized luggage, the luggage factory must be asked to produce samples first, carefully check the quality of the samples, and confirm Only after there are no problems with the workmanship and craftsmanship, can we continue to talk about mass production. Before the formal production in the workshop, the workshop should also be required to make another pre-production sample to prevent errors in the mass production process.  3. Timely communication and inspection during mass production    During mass production, communication with factories is very important. Timely communication and inspection can further guarantee the quality of bulk goods and ensure the delivery time of bulk goods. When the mass production is completed, the finished products should also be randomly sampled.  4. Attach importance to the after-sales guarantee provided by luggage factories.    Some luggage factories are very irresponsible to customers. They take orders in order to receive orders. After receiving the money, they basically ignore the production quality, and become a customer. Therefore, when looking for a factory to customize luggage, you should pay attention to the after-sales guarantee promised by the luggage factory and sign the relevant guarantee agreement. Look for customized luggage, focus on luggage customization for 14 years, and devote itself to building a leading brand of luggage customization! Always adhere to the principle of 'at the customer, for the customerThe luggage can be designed and customized, the products are of high quality and low price, and the service is considerate!
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