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Four main points that must be paid attention to in kindergarten schoolbag customization

by:Huide     2021-09-09
When we were in kindergarten, the teacher would give each of us a schoolbag, which was exactly the same as the schoolbags of our friends, which made us excited for a long time and refused to take it off when we went home. Kindergarten school bags are essential items for children to go to school, and they are also close playmates of children. However, because children are in the stage of growing their bodies, it is best to use backpacks for children's school bags. Next, let’s take a look at some of the key points that must be paid attention to when customizing kindergarten schoolbags. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!   一 Material size of kindergarten schoolbags  When customizing kindergarten schoolbags, you must pay attention to the material of schoolbags. Inferior fabrics generally contain a lot of toxicity, which can easily induce skin allergies. Kindergarten schoolbags pay attention to color matching, but not excessive use of chemical pigments, it is best to use less offset printing process, less ink and chemical potions. Using too much ink and chemical potion will generally emit a strong pungent odor, which can easily cause damage to the children’s lungs and eyes. It is best to use high-quality materials for customized kindergarten school bags, such as high-grade PVC, fabric, nylon and other materials. These materials are very light, not tasteless, and are not easily deformed, and are suitable for making kindergarten school bags.   In addition to the choice of materials, the size of the schoolbag should be paid attention to in the kindergarten schoolbag customization. This is also a very important detail. Generally speaking, kindergarten schoolbags should choose the smallest backpack that can hold the children's books and stationery. The schoolbag cannot be wider than the child's body, and the bottom of the schoolbag should not be lower than the child's waist 10 cm.  二 The workmanship of the kindergarten schoolbag is good or bad  The workmanship of the kindergarten schoolbag affects its use. Customized kindergarten school bags should pay attention to the fine workmanship and neat wiring. If possible, the stitches can be reinforced at the back and shoulders. When such school bags are used, the lines will not be open. In addition, the kindergarten schoolbag customization also pays attention to the design of the schoolbag strap. First of all, the width of the strap should be about the same as the width of the child's shoulder. Second, the thicker strap should be reinforced so that it will not be strangled by the child's shoulders when carried on the shoulders, which will affect the child's growth and will not easily break.  三 The functional guarantee of kindergarten schoolbags  When customizing kindergarten schoolbags, we also need to customize them according to the functions commonly used by children. School bags are mainly used to store books and stationery, but they are not easy to access when they are put together. Using a stationery box will increase the weight of the school bag. We can rationally arrange the internal pockets to facilitate children to organize books and stationery, and further allow children to learn to organize themselves.   In addition to books and stationery, children also have to bring some outdoor supplies. Therefore, two net bags can be added to both sides of the schoolbag, allowing mothers to bring umbrellas, water glasses and the like for the children to prevent thirst. Put some snacks in the mesh bags on both sides, which can also facilitate the children to eat something on the way after school, so as to prevent the children from getting hungry. But in terms of tightness, you must also pay attention to control, do not let the contents fall out easily, and effectively protect the child's supplies from being lost.  4 Safety issues of kindergarten schoolbags  Customized kindergarten schoolbags should fully consider the impact of schoolbags on children's health, and it is best to customize schoolbags with spine protection function. The spine protection schoolbag bears a scientific design and rationally uses the shoulders, back, waist and hips of the children's body, which can effectively share the overall weight of the schoolbag, avoiding the concentration of the weight of the schoolbag to compress the spine, so as to protect the spine. The weight of the schoolbag cannot exceed 15% of the body weight. If the schoolbag is too heavy, it will easily cause problems such as spine crush and hunchback. Customized kindergarten schoolbags look for backpack manufacturers. We are a schoolbag manufacturer specializing in Ru0026D, design and production of kindergarten schoolbags and schoolbags for primary and secondary school students. We have 12 years of experience in schoolbag customization. The products are made of high-quality fabrics to ensure that the weight of the schoolbag does not exceed a few hundred grams. The schoolbag is very light. It is the lightest and most comfortable must-have for children.
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