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Four main points that should be paid attention to when customizing children's schoolbags

by:Huide     2021-06-28
School will start in less than a month, and children’s school bags, children’s watches, desks, stationery, etc. are just the time to sell. Today, the editor will share the six key points about customizing children’s schoolbags. In addition, as a buyer, you should also pay attention to the following details.   According to different materials, it can be divided into canvas bag, Oxford cloth bag, and nylon cloth bag. The main advantage of the backpack is that it is convenient to carry, frees hands, and provides convenience for going out.  1. Schoolbag function   Children need to bring multiple textbooks, pencil cases, water cups and other items to school. As a schoolbag purchaser, the most concerned thing is whether the carrying system of the schoolbag is scientific and reasonable, and whether it can reduce pressure and protect the spine. The schoolbag itself is relatively light, so it will not be too tired to carry. The straps made of super elastic materials are designed according to the human shoulders to effectively disperse the weight of the schoolbag. The straps are equipped with a layer of air cushion and have a weight-supporting waist belt, which can evenly distribute the pressure without causing excessive damage to the back and shoulders.  Second, schoolbag storage compartment   Before customizing children's schoolbags, you must communicate with the salesperson of the luggage manufacturer in detail. The internal storage compartments of the schoolbag should be nearly reasonable. After the sample bag is sampled, you must carefully look at each part. The internal storage compartments are the first choice. This will not only allow children to install textbooks and stationery in different categories, but also make the weight of the schoolbag uniform.  3. Schoolbag fabrics and straps  4. There are many types of schoolbag fabrics, mostly polyester, nylon, and cotton. Whether the fabrics are waterproof and easy to clean are all considered. Choose fabrics that are environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable. Whether the side of the schoolbag close to the child's back is comfortable and breathable, and whether the schoolbag strap has a mesh sponge interlayer are all issues that should be considered by the purchaser.  5. Schoolbag smell    In order to avoid free formaldehyde harm to children, my country has clearly stipulated the formaldehyde content of the fabrics and accessories of schoolbags: the formaldehyde content of schoolbags per kilogram should not exceed 30 mg. As a buyer, you should pay attention to the smell of the schoolbag when you receive the sample package. Avoid irritating gases emitted from school bags or excessive substances that are harmful to children.  
What fabric is good for customized children's school bags?
With the improvement of current living standards, many parents are paying attention to the quality of children's schoolbags. Although more and more schools now favor customized children's school bags and personally control the quality of the products, they still need to start with the application of fabrics if they want to customize high-quality school bags. So, what fabric is good for custom children’s schoolbags? Now, let’s take a look at the three commonly used fabrics for custom children’s schoolbags. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!   What fabrics are good for custom children’s schoolbags?   1. Oxford fabrics interwoven with nylon and cotton: There is a waterproof coating on the reverse side of the fabric, which has good waterproof performance, and its texture is very delicate, and the surface gloss is very soft. It is very suitable for children's schoolbag making fabric.  2. Shiny Oxford cloth: This kind of fabric uses PVC coating, has good waterproof function, and has a very strong drape sensitivity. More importantly, the shiny polyester fabric has a very beautiful luster, and it is very trendy and fashionable to make a school bag. 3. Two-color starlight fabric: This fabric is fresh and refined and has a two-color effect, and its fabric texture is strong, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are very strong, and the fabric is coated with PVC, PA, PU and other coatings, which is very waterproof performance.   These three kinds of fabrics are very popular in the market, and they are the best fabrics for customized children's schoolbags! If you choose to customize these kinds of fabrics for schoolbags, then I recommend everyone to choose.

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