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Four principles of luggage promotion

by:Huide     2021-06-27
In the near future, customers will often consult on the website what is the best choice for luggage promotion? Luggage promotion is a marketing method of many companies, so it is very important to choose an appropriate luggage as a promotion, but how should the specific method of promotion be grasped? , I have compiled some relevant principles here for your reference. 1. The principle of novelty The principle of novelty is that the promotional items of the product must be novel and prominent, and do not pick the goods that are being sold in supermarkets and department stores, and have a strong sense of value, so that consumers feel that the cost of promotional items will not be too low , It must be novel and high-end, otherwise it will be abandoned by consumers because the product loses its price competitiveness due to 'wool coming out of the sheep'.  Second, the principle of practicality   the principle of practicality is that the selected promotional items must have practical value, preferably easy to use. Such as cosmetic bags and wash bags that ladies often visit. Satchels and backpacks commonly used by men. The purpose of this is to make consumers feel that the promotional items are really useful. They bought two items for one product. 3. Seasonal principles. Summer sales promotion should be light, compact, portable and other functional and practical bags. They are better as promotional items, which can effectively stimulate the impulsive consumption of consumers suffering from the heat, such as toiletry bags, shoulder bags, cosmetic bags, leisure bags, etc. . Workers in some metropolitan cities are very busy at work on weekdays, and finally take a break on weekends. At this time, they need to bring cosmetic bags, toiletry bags and other small storage items, which are small and portable. If you are traveling in mountains and water, you need a lightweight leisure bag or sports bag at this time.  Four. Principle of Relevance   The principle of relevance is that the selected promotional item has a certain relevance or complementarity with the product itself, that is, consumers need or must have this gift before they can use or better use the product. For example, buy a backpack to get a foldable bag, a wash bag, a small bag, and a large bag to get a small bag. The purpose of the enterprise is to make consumers think of the product immediately when they see the gift, and then think of the corporate image, which has the effect of spreading corporate products and brand image. With more than twelve years of experience in luggage customization, specializing in the production of customized backpacks, sports bags, cosmetic bags and other promotional luggage, novel styles, exquisite workmanship, high quality and low price, customized with different materials, suitable for the needs of consumers, you can come Drawings and samples are customized, and customized products are produced according to customer requirements. Products are widely used in various product promotions, and good quality is trustworthy!
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