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Gluing process in the process of making luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-25
Gluing process is to determine the aesthetics of the appearance of luggage products, and it is a crucial process in the process of luggage production. So how is the gluing process in the making of bags? Then let's learn about the gluing process in the making of bags. In the process of making bags, the gluing process is the process of gluing the fabric and the box or with the lining material. The gluing process in the bag making process generally includes three-dimensional piece bonding and flat piece bonding. Three-dimensional piece bonding is a way of bonding after molding, and flat piece bonding is a way of shaping after bonding.   There are four bonding methods for the three-dimensional parts of the gluing process in the process of making bags. They are fat, square, semi-round and three-dimensional elastic surface bonding processes. In the bag making process, the flat pieces of the gluing process are glued with leather materials, fiber fabrics, artificial leather, elastic planes, parts, and wrinkle bonding processes.  The most important thing about the bonding process in the bag making process is not the way to glue the bags, but the ability of the manufacturer to realize the gluing process in the making of various bags. This editor, recommended, has 12 years of luggage production experience, and has complete plant facilities, as well as a strong technical ability of operators.
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