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Homecoming during the Spring Festival, don't let your backpack be too heavy

by:Huide     2021-05-16
As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, have all my friends feel ready to go home? Have you packed up all the large and small bags? Once again, I would like to remind everyone, do not let your backpack be too heavy when you return home during the Spring Festival. So as not to affect the use or even the health of the body, why do you say that? Let's understand it together. Any backpack has a certain load-bearing range. If the weight exceeds the load-bearing range, the backpack may be damaged, which will directly affect the use. Therefore, when buying a backpack, pay attention to the weight-bearing range of the backpack. How many kilograms to see if it meets your burden needs, if it can't reach it, it is recommended not to buy. In addition, the human body also has a range of carrying capacity. If it exceeds a certain carrying weight range, it may have an impact on physical health in the long run. Generally speaking, for adolescents who are in the growth and development stage, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of their body weight. %. For adults or women with average physical fitness, the weight of a backpack cannot exceed 15% of their body weight. Even for a person of good physical fitness, the weight of a backpack cannot exceed 20% of their body weight. When shopping for a custom backpack, try to choose a backpack with a wide shoulder strap. It is best to choose a style that helps the waist and abdomen to carry the weight. Too heavy a backpack for a long time is unbearable for most people. If the shoulder, neck and arm are damaged due to the weight of the backpack, it can usually be recovered by physical therapy, exercise and other methods. However, if the treatment and correction are not timely, it may cause serious consequences such as spinal injury and back muscle asymmetry, which should be paid attention to. .   When you return home during the Spring Festival, you will inevitably have a lot of luggage and equipment, but I still recommend that you use a reasonable backpack and don’t let your backpack be overloaded, which will affect your use or your health.
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