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How can this bag manufacturer to backpack customization features

by:Huide     2020-06-24

how to customize a another remarkable and has the characteristics of the backpack, but also to stand out from many brand and style, the backpack designer but a big test. In taobao once people can hear a familiar words is called 'hot style'. From the word itself, of course, can see a certain good fortune with partial taste. Now the bag after years of development, innovation and evolution hot style is not easy to do. Made really good backpack need backpack manufacturers have certain strength at the same time also need bags designers have a certain language can be achieved. Things may have since the so - — This should not be easily successful 'hot style'. Today, from the Angle of the backpack custom has a characteristic to explore the backpack is how to customize.

a superior good backpack should have several features in the first place. First is there should be a delicate materials, which is the premise of quality assurance, and have fine workmanship. The second color elaborate collocation can come out the visual perception of beauty, high level of appearance in the consumers mind to! The third as backpack back up carry system to express feelings or needs, so the heart of this piece also need to walk. , of course, all this is bag designers to complete, we are here is a brief describe customization of common sense also calculate with bag.

delicate fabric choice is very important, in the process of real deep contact backpack custom you will find that the original bag material, there are so many hundreds of thousands of choice more completely, does not include the color of the material in each fabric. Some outstanding is waterproof fabrics, but do not necessarily softness and wear-resisting effect will be better, some fabrics outstanding is the whole piece of material texture visual effect, but not necessarily the waterproof also not necessarily can and other materials can be strong. That is to say, each material has its own unique pattern has its own unique effect, has its own unique characteristics and displacement characteristics of the use of materials can produce the quality problem of the strict sense. So there is no mature experience backpack designer, from material selection and use of can give out a lot of problems.

again backpack custom color collocation, it is very important. Good quality bag without a good color match will not have a good sales in the market ( Except special niche backpack) 。 After all, consumers are the heart of beauty! Once popular 'taobao hot style' which are in the first place to clinch a deal the appearance level. Such as an outdoor backpack that you must be a bright color to just go, go out tourism, after all, don't wear a suit. On a bright colors to match consumer gear! The occasion you get a big, black grey color backpack obviously does not accord with environmental clothes and mood? If a big city workers backpack you to a piece of red color with a green, I believe that the man who bought it not to be alternative also is one of the mainstream, is minorities is difficult to have a high sales.

backpack really saying is to eventually want to use the back up, this time most of the user experience comes from the backpack bearing system. Behind, after all, is back in use and high level of appearance also is to others see, hard to back not sad only oneself know. Back up is not shoulder, not tired waist, ventilation, adjustable shoulder straps for each height is appropriate, these are good backpack with basic to satisfy the requirements of the standard, otherwise a easily eight hundred backpack you can't fully embody the sense of science and technology and value. Above, of course, there are some good backpack with more functions, such as all-terrain carried, aluminum plate bearing carries, Angle adjustable bearing, and so on.

all in all a good backpack must be condensed the knapsack manufacturer and designer of a lot of effort, in plain English can let you like backpack is the result of a collective go heart out.

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