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How do schools choose trolley cases for students

by:Huide     2021-09-28
Most of the current students are studying outside, and they have to pack up heavy textbooks at the beginning of the school year, and they must pack up heavy textbooks, seasonal clothes and a few winter coats to return to campus, and they may also be taken back when they return home from vacation. Therefore, the trolley case is a must-have item for students to start school and vacation. Then, from which aspects should our school consider buying trolley duffel cases for students? 1. The use of trolley suitcases for students. suitcases can be said to be school bags plus luggage duffel bags for students. Students will bring books and clothes. Books and clothes are wet objects, but books are still heavy loads. Therefore, when purchasing a student trolley case, first consider the weight of the trolley case and the protection of the clothes. Second, the accessories of the trolley case consider that the rod of the trolley case is best to choose aluminum rods. After all, plastic rods cannot withstand wear and tear, and the fixing at the lower end is not very good. If the weight is too heavy, the service life is It will be greatly reduced. Secondly, the handle is also very important. Do not choose plastic, otherwise it will be scrapped after a few times. The best choice is soft material. The wheels are the best wear-resistant and hardly sound for sound, and they are strong. Three considerations for the cleaning of the trolley case There is not enough space to put all the clothes in the school, and it should be rarely possible to clean the trolley case. Therefore, you should choose a material that is dirty and easy to clean. You can choose a hard trolley case. If you get dust, wipe it directly with a damp cloth. If it is grease, you can gently wipe the stain with detergent and other detergents. Four new and cheap trolley case. The novel, fashionable and youthful trolley case is naturally more popular among students. For such requirements, you can choose a rigid trolley case with strong plasticity. Combining the above four points, what the students need is a trolley case made of hard material. The hard trolley case materials are often made of PP, PC and PC+ABS, with bright appearance, strong plasticity, strong resistance to fall, pressure and gravity, waterproof and moisture-proof. The accessories on the levers, handles and wheels are not bad either. The school will buy custom trolley cases for students!
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