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How important is the quotation of backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-06-01
How important is the quotation of custom backpack. Now many large companies will customize some gifts as benefits to employees or customers to enhance the communication between the company and the employees and the friendship between the company and customers. As an essential product in daily life, backpacks are often chosen as gifts for distribution. This involves the enterprise custom-made backpack project. Let's talk about this detail as a professional custom backpack. The quotation of the backpack is divided into two parts, one is the cost of raw materials and the other is the cost of labor. The manufacturers who often make backpacks can still calculate the labor easily. The difficult part is the cost of the raw materials. We will explain this issue in detail today. The reason for calculating the cost of raw materials is generally for customers who have prototypes. As buyers, customers of course hope that backpack manufacturers can provide quotations as soon as possible. However, as a senior manufacturer of quilts, we feel that hundreds of manufacturers who make quotations at a glance The difference is that they are all false reports. Of course, if it is frequently used material, you can basically guess it at a glance, but what about unfamiliar materials? The quotation is very slow, and there are mainly the following problems that need to be solved for custom backpack. Generally, the types of materials used in backpacks are not the same. We divide them into main materials, auxiliary materials, hardware, and packaging. It is other auxiliary materials. This auxiliary material, as the name suggests, plays a supporting role. For example, some ingredients are used in the production process of the backpack to play an embellishment effect. We all have to calculate the price one by one. It’s a little harder to find hardware materials when customizing backpacks, because you have to compare each other to find exactly the same ones. Sometimes you can’t find them for a day. In this case, you can only find similar ones. Some hardware has the same appearance. The actual situation is very different. In case the purchase is wrong, or the price is reported wrong, you will lose money.
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