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How long does it take to customize a computer bag

by:Huide     2021-06-12
With the popularity of notebook computers, the number of computer bags used to store and protect notebook computers has also increased. Many notebook computer sales companies and some enterprises and institutions will customize exclusive computer bags for promotional gifts or employee welfare gifts. Gift. When it comes to computer bag customization, the length of the construction period is a question that the customization party is more concerned about. Then, how long does it take to customize the computer bag? The computer bag manufacturer will answer for you. How long does it take to customize a computer bag? This question should be adjusted to the time, because there are many factors that affect the delivery period of a customized computer package, and the influence of different factors may lead to an extension of the delivery period. For example, the impact of the customized quantity on the delivery period is generally In other words, the more customized quantity, the longer the delivery period, the less customized quantity, the shorter the delivery period. Another example is the material factor, whether the customer's requirements for materials are imported or domestic, common materials or rare materials, whether the computer bag lining is required to be printed with related LOGO, etc., will affect the length of the delivery period. The higher the requirements, the longer the delivery period. Factors such as the size of the factory, the presence or absence of sample packages or design drawings will affect the delivery period. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the dialectical approach to the question of how long it takes to customize a computer bag. Take the computer bag as an example. The production cycle of a customized computer bag with a quantity of about 1,000 is generally about 15-20 days. If it is affected by other external factors, the delivery period may be delayed. Therefore, there is a computer bag customization. Customers in need must pay attention to the timing before customizing the computer bag. It is best to prepare two months or one month in advance, because the process of customizing a computer bag is still more complicated. Both parties confirm the style, proofing, and bulk goods. Production and so on require time, so in order to prevent delays, the customization time is advanced just in case.
The difference between customized computer backpack and ordinary backpack
Computer backpacks are becoming more and more popular, and they are becoming more popular with the popularity of notebook computers, and they are becoming more and more popular. Computer backpack is a kind of tool bag, it is a backpack specially designed for placing laptops. It is very different from ordinary backpacks. When customizing a computer backpack, you should pay attention to the particularity of the computer backpack and treat it differently from ordinary backpacks to ensure the quality of the computer backpack.   What is the difference between a computer backpack and an ordinary backpack? The quality of a computer backpack is usually better than that of an ordinary backpack, and the materials used are more particular. In order to better protect the laptop, high-density nylon or polyester materials should be selected for customized computer backpacks. At the same time, functional processing of polyester materials, such as waterproof and wear-resistant functions, can be used to store laptops more safely. The design of a computer backpack is more complicated than that of an ordinary backpack. The main bag of a customized computer backpack should be laid out with a computer interlayer. The interlayer should be made of thicker sponge. It is best to use pearl cotton. This kind of sponge can better protect the computer and prevent The bumpy vibration hits the back, and there is a certain heat dissipation function.  Computer backpacks usually have all the functions of ordinary backpacks, such as free storage layers, mesh pockets and functional slots. Computer backpacks are more practical than ordinary backpacks and are becoming more and more popular. The backpacks that many people use outdoors are basically computer backpacks. Therefore, most companies choose to customize computer backpacks when customizing employee backpacks or business backpacks.  
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