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How long does it take to order 300 backpacks?

by:Huide     2021-07-02
For customers who need customized backpacks, in addition to caring about the quality and price of the backpacks, the length of the delivery period is also an important part that cannot be ignored. Especially for customers who have a relatively urgent delivery period, it is helpful to know the length of the delivery period in advance. Good preparatory work. So, how long does it take to order 300 backpacks? Answer for you.  How long does it take for the delivery time of 300 customized backpacks? This question needs to pay attention to the specific analysis, because there are many factors that affect the delivery time, and the influence of different factors may lead to an increase in the delivery time. For example, whether the customizing party already has a sample bag, whether the backpack material is special, whether the logo is opened, etc., will affect the delivery period.  Take the manufacturer as an example, if you customize 300 backpacks, the normal delivery time is generally about 15-20 days after signing the contract. If there are other external factors, the delivery date may be delayed. For example, the customer requires the logo on the package to adopt the mold-opening process, and the mold-opening time for the logo takes about 7-15 days. The more complex the logo process, the longer the time required. In addition to the production time, the overall delivery period will be prolonged. . Therefore, the customizing party has to communicate specifically with the manufacturer regarding the delivery date.   Looking for a manufacturer for custom backpacks, please look for the manufacturer, the product is of high quality and low price, and the delivery period is guaranteed. It is worth choosing and trustworthy. As a veteran manufacturer with 15 years of rich luggage customization experience, it has customized and produced gift luggage for thousands of well-known companies such as TCL, Gree, Baidu, etc. The product quality has also been recognized by all customers, and I hope to become your trust in the future. Of backpack manufacturers. If you want to know more about the customization of backpacks, please call the official hotline for consultation. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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