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How many details should be paid attention to when customizing outdoor backpacks?

by:Huide     2021-08-24
Outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular, and various outdoor sports such as mountaineering, hiking, adventure, rock climbing, rafting, camping and so on are popular. While getting close to nature, people rush to share the beautiful scenery, beautiful pictures, and mood in the circle of friends. However, it is not enough to participate in outdoor sports without a practical and lightweight outdoor backpack. Personalized outdoor custom backpack is becoming a boom in the gift industry. Below, the editor has sorted out some details that should be paid attention to when customizing outdoor backpacks. Let's take a look!   1, size and capacity. As the most important part of outdoor activities, the size and capacity of outdoor backpacks are directly related to the success of outdoor activities. When looking for manufacturers to customize outdoor backpacks, the capacity of the backpack should be determined according to the length of the activity time and actual needs.  2, carry the system. The carrying system is an important part of outdoor backpacks. A well-designed carrying system can reduce the physical loss of action and delay muscle fatigue during outdoor sports. The carrying system of outdoor backpacks should be designed with ergonomics, and ventilation should be considered to facilitate gravity transmission, strong load-bearing and comfortable.  3. Functional design. Outdoor backpacks are constantly developing towards diversification, specialization and humanization. In order to adapt to various sports, the functional design must not be sloppy. The functional design will involve the loading system and external hanging system of the outdoor backpack. Only by doing a good job of the loading system and external hanging system can the outdoor backpack be more practical.
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