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How much do you know about the basic common sense of luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-14
Customized luggage not only depends on the beauty of the appearance, but also on the internal quality and practicality. There are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when customizing luggage. In our lives, luggage has become an indispensable part of school, work, leisure travel... In these processes, the use of luggage is very important, so the basic common sense of luggage customization is you How much do you know?    1. Bag customization will check the products. When companies are looking for custom luggage, they can get a sample from the manufacturer or service provider, and first measure the value of the service provider from the sample. Generally, good-quality luggage customization pays more attention to details, the color matching is appropriate, the stitching is neat, the stitch length is uniform, there is no thread exposed, the fabric is flat and flawless, there is no bubbling, no exposed burrs, and the metal accessories are shiny.   In addition to craftsmanship, luggage fabric is one of the main points. If it is found that bleaching is definitely not a good bag. Good quality leather bags have been tested. During the test, the surface of the bag was repeatedly wiped with white paper for ten times. Only those with a slight color or colorless left on the paper. A qualified luggage, if it fades easily, it must be a defective product. Observe the lining material and various accessories of the luggage. The quality of the lining and accessories reflects the overall quality of the luggage to some extent.  2. You must choose manufacturers for luggage customization. Luggage customization is divided into gift service providers and manufacturers. If you choose a gift service provider, you only need to pay, and they will help you arrange everything, which is equivalent to hiring a purchaser to run the market for you, so The cost is more expensive than the manufacturer. If you have purchases, it is recommended to choose a luggage factory to cooperate. Nowadays, professional luggage factories only need to contact you for purchasing, and the rest of the design, ordering, inspection and other processes are all provided by the luggage manufacturers.  The choice of factory or gift depends on the company's situation and its own requirements. If you choose a factory, you can find a custom factory. Custom-made manufacturers integrate planning, design, production, and marketing. Since the establishment of the company, a deep corporate culture and a high-quality team have gradually formed, which has successfully established a broad world in the national gift market, targeting the national gift market And specially set up a series of promotional gifts. It greatly meets the high-quality and novelty needs of companies such as advertisements and gifts. We are a professional manufacturer of luggage and gifts in China. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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