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How to care for bags of different materials

by:Huide     2021-09-02
Every bag from the luggage factory is carefully designed by the staff, and hopes to get the best care in the hands of the user. According to the different materials of each bag, I recommend the care knowledge and skills of different materials for you, and teach you how to care for bags of different materials?    First, the care knowledge of fabric bags 1. Fabric backpacks are in When you travel, you will be exposed to dust every day. You can directly get rid of the dust on the bag. If it penetrates into the unevenness of the bag surface, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out. Remember not to use a brush to brush. This is not only counterproductive, but also may damage the cloth on the bag surface. ,Affect the appearance. 2. When you find stains on the fabric bag, you can soak the towel in water containing detergent, then wring it out and wipe the stain directly, so that you can wipe it off after you wipe it several times. The backpack needs to be air-dried naturally. Second, the common sense of care for real leather bags 1. Clean up stains and spots. Once the leather bags produced in the luggage factory are stained, you can choose a clean sponge, slightly dipped in some mild cleaning fluid, Wipe the dirt gently. After wiping, wipe the leather with a cloth washed with water, and let it dry naturally after wiping. Pay attention to the light when wiping, so as not to damage the leather surface. 2. For real leather bags, avoid exposure to strong sunlight. When these leather handbags are exposed to strong sunlight, the leather will become dry and brittle, lose its own elasticity and softness, and eventually slowly age. Can't be used anymore. Third, the dust treatment of synthetic leather backpacks 1. When the synthetic leather bags are stained with oil, they need to be wiped with a relatively dry cloth. If they cannot be wiped clean, be sure to choose a neutral detergent for wiping. , And then dried in a cool place. 2. Synthetic leather bags are made of molecularly synthesized materials, so they must not be exposed to solvents such as gasoline and banana water during use. Once contacted, a layer of film on the surface of the synthetic leather will degenerate and fall off, which will affect the backpack. The effect of use.   The daily care of bags made of all the above materials is not a simple operation. It needs to be taken care of at ordinary times, so that our bags can bring us unlimited vitality. With carefully cared bags accompanied by our side, it will not bring us happiness all the time.
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