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How to choose a backpack buckle for a custom backpack

by:Huide     2021-06-03
When it comes to buckles, I believe everyone is familiar with it. People who have used bags know that they can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as clothes, shoes, hats, camera bags, mobile phone bags, etc. As a traveler who loves outdoor activities, To understand the performance of the backpack, it is necessary to increase the in-depth understanding of the buckle. Especially the buckles in outdoor backpacks have extremely high requirements for safety. Otherwise, if the buckles suddenly break their farts during the journey, it is really a thing that makes people want to cry without tears.  The overall backpack is generally composed of fabric + waterproof glue + buckle + zipper + webbing + back panel + mesh. The editor will now introduce the types and materials of fasteners. 1. Classification of buckles Backpack buckles are generally divided into buckles (also called side-open buckles), day buckles, ladder buckles, hook buckles, rope buckles, and there are some more special purposes. Now let’s introduce the details of these buckles. Characteristics, uses and strength.  1, buckle   The materials selected are generally POM, PP and NY.   buckle is composed of a male buckle and a female buckle. One end is fixed with a webbing, and the other end can be adjusted by a webbing. The length of the webbing can be selected according to different needs. It is generally used for fixing the shoulders and waist. In order to more effectively play the role of the buckle, luggage manufacturers are also constantly trying to reduce the weight while ensuring the same strength. For example, V-shaped buckles and Y-shaped buckles are often used for safety in baby carriages, taxi safety belts, etc. On the product, of course, depending on the backpack, there are sewn buckles, rotatable buckles and so on. The process of female button can authorize the design of color label or LOGO, electroplating, silk screen, and color painting. Depending on the feel, polishing, spraying rubber oil, etc. can also be done. In terms of strength, the 25mm buckle used in a general casual backpack can bear a weight of 40-50 kg, and a good buckle can reach 80-90 kg.  2, day buckle  The material is generally POM, PP, NY  . Conventionally, the day buckle is usually used on the shoulder strap of backpack and shoulder bag, and it is mostly used to adjust the length of the webbing. In order to prevent slippage, the bar in the middle of the buckle is designed with stripes on many days.  3, Ladder buckle    Its material is generally PP, POM, NY    The ladder buckle is also used to shrink the webbing, which is generally used at the tail of the shoulder strap to adjust the fit of the backpack. There are not many classics in the shape and functional design of the ladder button. 4. The material of the rope buckle is generally PP, NY, POM    using the elasticity of the spring ring, the rope is stuck in a misplaced position, and the rope mouth can be selected in caliber size, single hole and double hole, suitable for various OO ropes, nylon ropes, elastic ropes . And can design LOGO according to customer's requirements, the design of rope buckle, there are many kinds, there are also metal materials 5. Hook buckle Its material is generally from PP, NY, POM    Hook buckle is generally used on the side of the shoulder bag, one side is connected D ring, connected with webbing on the other side. Now with the alloy elements, the strength of the hook is even greater.  Second, the test of the buckle   There are two main aspects in the testing process of the buckle: one is the tensile test, which is mainly to detect the bearing capacity of the buckle. It is divided into two steps to complete:    1. Instant tensile test, mainly used for buckle, D buckle, and Japanese buckle, to test the strength of the buckle when suddenly encountering strong tension.  2. The main principle of the enduring tensile test is to determine the time value of the buckle when a certain load is determined.  3. Regarding the buckle, there is also the detection of the number of times of use, which is opened and closed continuously to test how many times the buckle will be deformed. The second is temperature test. This is mainly to test the endurance of the buckle at unconventional temperatures. It is divided into high temperature and low temperature. 1. High temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius. 2. Low temperature is usually set at minus 30 degrees. The time is 24 hours. , And then test the change in intensity. In addition, with regard to acid resistance tests, the corresponding values u200bu200bcan be tested according to different needs and materials. For metal buckles, they must also be tested for rust, corrosion, and drug resistance. Plastic buckles If there is post-processing of the product, such as electroplating, water-dyeing, oiling, etc., further tests are required for the eligibility of these additional processes. Of course, there are higher standard tests used in extreme sports such as diving.   The above is a brief introduction to the fasteners. With the continuous development of products, the varieties are becoming more and more diversified, and the testing in this area is becoming more and more stringent.
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