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How to choose a custom backpack manufacturer

by:Huide     2021-07-11
At the end of the year, a large group of workers will return to their hometowns, and the Spring Festival travel season is getting closer. At this time of the year, many companies will choose to customize a thoughtful gift travel backpack for employees, so that employees can feel the care of the company on their way home!   The quality of the backpack should first be paid attention to because of the need to carry daily necessities. The requirements for carrying are higher. Secondly, the custom-made travel backpack should be light and convenient, so as to ensure convenient storage and reduce the burden on the body. If you want to make a good-quality travel backpack, you naturally look for a reliable backpack manufacturer. How to choose a backpack manufacturer for customized travel backpacks? First, pay attention to the production scale of backpack manufacturers. When customizing travel backpacks, you should choose a backpack manufacturer with a larger production scale. Large-scale backpack manufacturers usually have a design team and a production team, which can provide customers with personalized backpack design services, product proofing services and full follow-up services. We can judge the manufacturer’s backpacks from the design and product proofing in the early stage. Customized strength.  Second, pay attention to the service reputation of backpack manufacturers.    The manufacturers who find custom-made travel backpacks cannot be limited to local platforms. With the booming online transactions, many backpack backpack manufacturers will have their own websites, Alibaba, HC and other platforms. We can judge the trustworthiness of the manufacturer based on the company’s basic information, the company’s push information, and the search engine’s evaluation of the manufacturer. In addition, you may also understand the customers that the manufacturer has served. If most of the customers served are well-known companies, then the reputation of this manufacturer must be trustworthy!  
Commonly used fabrics for custom gift bags
Gift bags are both practical and atmospheric, and are favored by more and more companies. Although it is more and more common for companies to find luggage manufacturers to customize gift bags, many companies still do not know what fabrics are commonly used in luggage. Below, there are some common sense about the application of fabrics for custom gift bags, I hope it can help everyone! Which fabrics are commonly used in custom gift bags? 1. Spandex. The advantage of spandex is that it has high elasticity, high elasticity and good recovery. Generally, using 2% can improve the fabric's sense of movement, drape and shape retention, but weak alkali resistance. 2. Polyester. Polyester is a polyester fiber, which is characterized by good air permeability and moisture removal, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance, and UV resistance. 3. Nylon. Nylon, also known as polyamide fiber, has the advantages of high strength, high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and good deformation resistance, but the disadvantage is that it feels hard. 4. Canvas. Canvas is made of pure cotton indigo dyed warp yarns and natural weft yarns, which are interwoven with a three-on-one right twill weave. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: light, medium and heavy.
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