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How to choose a custom manufacturer for outdoor waterproof bag customization

by:Huide     2021-08-22
Now that there are more and more styles of bags, people's requirements for bags are no longer limited to styles, and they pay more attention to the functionality of bags. In recent years, waterproof bags can set off a boom, even corporate gifts choose outdoor waterproof bags. But, who really knows what an outdoor waterproof bag is? How to choose an outdoor waterproof bag?    One choice of outdoor waterproof bag depends on the situation. Outdoor waterproof bags are divided into backpacks, handbags, travel bags, shoulder bags, etc. , The choice of outdoor waterproof bag should be determined according to the activity schedule, outdoor sports type and travel area. The above are personal needs. If it is a custom-made outdoor waterproof bag for a company, it depends on the event planning, the gift group, and the nature of the company. General promotional gifts will choose small portable waterproof bags, and business gifts will choose professional waterproof business computer backpacks. 2. The materials for outdoor waterproof bag customization The so-called outdoor waterproof bag customization, what kind of magical work is used to achieve the waterproof function? In fact, the outdoor waterproof bag is made of PU coated nylon fabric (for example: PU coated 450D polyester, 210D nylon), It has the functions of waterproof, anti-dry knot, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Whether a waterproof bag is durable or not, the fabric is the main determinant. I don't think everyone wants to encounter the waterproof bag being broken when the donkey is halfway through.  三 Other functions of outdoor waterproof bag customization    The main feature of outdoor waterproof bag customization is waterproof function, but the basic functions that the bag needs to have, we cannot ignore. A good outdoor waterproof bag, in addition to its waterproof function, durability is very important. At the same time, whether the stitching is firm, whether the zippers and openings are reinforced, whether the bottom of the waterproof bag is reinforced with double-layer treatment, straps and waterproof bag Attention should be paid to whether the main body contact point is strong enough. Most modern waterproof bags will also emphasize multi-functional design to add more equipment or technical performance. For example, the side ditch bag can hold column-shaped equipment such as camp poles, mountain knives, trekking poles, etc., and the extended bag can increase the capacity and strengthen the waterproof bag. Waterproof (snow) function, crampons and sleeping pads can be attached to the crampon belt on the top cover.
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