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How to choose fabrics for backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-04-24
Fabric selection is one of the very important steps in the backpacks' target='_blank'>custom backpack process. The quality of fabric selection is directly related to the cost budget, the quality of the finished product, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Therefore, when customizing the backpack, the choice of fabric should not be careless. So, how to choose fabrics for custom backpack? Let's introduce the relevant content for everyone, let's take a look. 1. Choose fabrics according to backpack styles. The fabrics used in different backpack styles are completely different. A stiff backpack is more suitable for stiff materials. The finished bag can be shaped like this, but it needs to be folded and folded. For a relatively soft backpack, the applicable fabric is soft and foldable. If the custom party does not know which fabric is suitable for his customized backpack, you can consult the manufacturer. 2. Choose fabrics according to the cost budget. There are countless types of fabrics on the market. The same fabric has different prices due to its density, yarn weave, and background color. The backpack customizing party determines its budget range in advance, and the manufacturer is in When choosing fabrics, there is also more direction, and the cost is better controlled.  3. If you have a reference sample, you should send the sample to the manufacturer for reference. When customizing a backpack, if you have a sample bag, you must provide it to the factory so that the factory can find the fabric according to the sample bag. If there is no sample package, you must describe your specific requirements clearly, and the more detailed the better, so as to reduce the chance of deviation. When choosing a custom backpack fabric, you must emphasize the feel. The feel is a manifestation of the softness and hardness of the fabric. It looks the same fabric on the surface. Because the thickness is different, the appearance of the fabric is very different, such as softer fabric What comes out is soft, it feels more casual, and what is hard is the effect of strong support, so this requires a good purchasing experience in the process of finding materials, especially a certain degree of familiarity with the choice of fabrics.   You don’t have to worry about choosing custom fabrics for backpacks. The professional purchasing team with more than ten years of experience and rich experience is very familiar with various fabrics customized for backpacks. We can recommend suitable fabrics according to customer needs and help customers choose suitable fabrics with high cost performance.
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