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How to choose in the travel bag

by:Huide     2020-07-05

let backpack manufacturers to guide you to choose bags, free hands if you are in the trip through the jungle or, hands from carrying bags of luggage, difficult is when you can imagine how much, the most main is in steep slope marching also it is easy to cause dangerous. If this is you are using a backpack put all items in or bind, that's another case, you will feel the wild walking is an easy thing. Principles must be outdoor travel, actually preferred backpack, free my hands. The following is a bag manufacturer to recommend to you a little experience sharing:

a, a larger volume of backpack, such as the items directly in the backpack, to come out is not easy to find. Backpack will be best, therefore, gives a lot of the inside pocket inside the bag, used to tableware, food, medicine, stationery, charging power supply, laptop computers and other different products in different package. A lot of waterproof and a compression bag, use rise more convenient.

2, balance is an important factor that backpack around if backpack weight imbalance, people are easy to lose focus, not only the consumption of energy, and long-term use can cause bodily injury. The backpack when loading goods, therefore, to try to get back left and right sides of the same weight.

3, big back backpack, small backpack, there are many points one day trip days according to the schedule to accommodate the small backpack, there are many days trip of medium-sized backpack, and supply the backpack of the long journey. Choose to suit oneself a backpack, is also a key factor in successful and pleasant journey. In general, if it is a short journey of a day, can choose under 20 liters small backpack. If the trip in a week or so, then you need to be able to hold a medium-sized backpack bag, 30 to 50 liters like this is a good choice; For professional travelers treks, for more than 60 litres (a big backpack Even back frame) Or very be necessary.

4, wallet is very good for walking often need to use in the process of things, such as compass, a knife, a pen, wallet and other small items, if put inside a backpack will be very inconvenient, then if you have a purse, it would be convenient. Pack pack: formula: size item, classification, left and right balance and focus on was laid.

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