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How to choose the right factory for custom backpacks

by:Huide     2021-09-25
Backpacks can also be customized, and many companies will customize them to give to customers. What benefits will these bring to the enterprise? 1. The practical advantage of the backpack satisfies consumers. In shopping malls and on the street, both men and women have one bag, and it is also suitable for all kinds of people in the scope of use. The backpack is more convenient to carry. 2. The life style of the backpack reduces the cost of the enterprise. The life style of the backpack reduces the cost of the enterprise. The same style of bag is distinguished from low-end, mid-end and high-end in style, material and workmanship; these can be arbitrarily assigned in the personalized customization of luggage duffel , and bags are all customized according to the company's personality to make a customized budget price suitable for the company. 3. Backpack custom promotion corporate brand personalized custom area to promote corporate brand promotion use, publicity use, exhibition use, annual meeting gifts, outdoor outings, product packaging, all kinds of people can choose different styles according to their actual needs The bags to arm yourself, achieve the effect of satisfying yourself, and make work, life, entertainment, leisure, study, and so on, become better. As companies pay more attention to branding and publicity, a large number of companies have begun to send customized backpacks to employees or as corporate promotional gifts. But how to choose the corresponding backpack products and how to choose the right factory when customizing backpacks? Custom-made luggage manufacturers will introduce tools/raw materials in detail. First, check whether it is the source factory. The first thing to check is whether the selected partner is the source factory. This is better to verify. It can be verified through the introduction of the company, video inspection or field inspection If it is a long-term customized partnership, then on-site inspections are necessary. Second, the product selected must conform to the company’s own image. When choosing a backpack product, a company needs to combine its own corporate image and brand tonality. For example, a traditional manufacturing company, then when choosing a product, it can be more business-like. Internet companies are relatively more fashionable when choosing products. Third, customized product design should be combined with corporate culture and brand tonality. In addition to product customization, a very important part is customized design. Customized design is not just about putting the logo on the bag. When doing custom design, the corporate culture and brand tonality should be combined, and the information that the company wants to convey can be perfectly transmitted through the backpack. In addition to the above points, companies may pay more attention to the price/performance ratio when customizing backpacks. The price/performance ratio is not a simple price, but material, craftsmanship, service, and guarantee. , Design effect and a series of comprehensive factors. One-sided judgment cannot be made from the price alone. This can be judged by the case of the factory.
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