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How to clean the suitcase if it is dirty, you must know the four cleaning methods

by:Huide     2021-08-01
The first step in the maintenance of the suitcase is of course its cleaning. Every time you take a plane, the suitcase is to be transported by air, and it has become an indispensable link. The cargo workers at the airport don't cherish it as much as you do. After experiencing the baggage truck, the cargo compartment of the aircraft, the luggage duffel conveyor belt and the bumps on the road, it will inevitably be dusted with dust.   What needs to be done before cleaning is to distinguish the material of the suitcase. Different materials, cleaning agents and cleaning methods used are not the same. When the suitcase was first purchased, it was equipped with a tag and manual. You can see detailed information about the material of the cabinet, perhaps you will also find the corresponding use precautions, cleaning and maintenance methods, maintenance information, etc. Or maybe you didn't read it carefully at the beginning, and you didn't know where the manual was put in the end. That's okay. I'll explain it in detail below.  Cleaning method:   One, clear the material of the suitcase can effectively remove the dust and stains of the suitcase, and will not damage the appearance of the suitcase. However, regardless of the material of the suitcase, after getting the suitcase, the shipping sticker should be removed as soon as possible, which has become an extremely important protection. The adhesive on the sticker melts easily in high temperature weather and will corrode the surface of the box and leave a black mark that is difficult to remove.  Second, suitcases can generally be divided into two categories: hard cases and soft cases. The material of the hard case is easier to clean than the soft case. First wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, or use some neutral detergents, such as household laundry detergent, to remove more stubborn stains. Use a clean soft cloth, pour the detergent on the shell, and gently scrub back and forth until the dirt is washed away. After using the detergent, remember to rinse the cloth and then wipe the cabinet to avoid detergent residue.   Three, soft box material, you can use a damp cloth or viscose roller brush to clean the dust on the surface. When removing more serious stains, you can use a damp cloth or soft brush to pour a neutral detergent on it. The woven texture on the surface of the fabric should be scrubbed gently. Too much force may cause the surface of the fabric to fluff. After cleaning, try to use a damp cloth with clean water or a soft brush to remove the residual detergent on the surface of the cabinet.  Fourth, for leather box surfaces, special leather cleaning and care agents are required. These cleaning and care agents are generally completed at one time for cleaning and care, and no more maintenance is required. Do not use cleaning and care agents with colored ingredients to clean the suitcase. Use leather care agent and wipe the surface of the box evenly with a clean soft cloth. Oil stains and ink stains on the leather cannot generally be removed. Please do not scrub repeatedly to avoid damage to the leather. Remember, no volatile solvent can be used to clean any box surface! When cleaning the soft box with a detergent, it is best to check whether the surface of the box will be severely faded during the process of wiping the box surface. The scratches or deep scratches on the surface of the cabinet shell cannot be removed during cleaning.   Custom suitcases are very popular now. If you want to customize suitcases, this is the first choice. , Has more than ten years of professional customized luggage duffel experience, has won many praises in the industry, and the reputation is guaranteed!
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