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How to deal with 'Hui Nantian' leather bags and bags moldy?

by:Huide     2021-08-25
Every March, the south generally enters the 'return to the south sky'. At this time, the air humidity is close to saturation, and the walls and even the ground will 'waterNot only people can't stand this kind of weather, but even leather goods can't stand it. Under such weather, if the leather luggage is not stored properly, a series of problems such as moldy, sticky, aging, and color-crossing will occur.   There are several kinds of textures of leather bags. The leather includes cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, snake skin, etc. Generally, the suitable storage environment for leather luggage is between 45-55% RH. If it is too wet, it will be moldy and peeling, and if it is too dry, it will lose the original luster of the leather. Small fine lines will grow for a long time, resulting in some mold on the surface of the leather. Spots not only affect the appearance of the leather, but also have a special smell, which greatly affects the use. How to deal with moldy leather bags in the 'Hui Nantian'? Here are six points for you:   1. Beware of damp environment Use the moisture-proof agent    dermal leather is most afraid of damp and moldy. Once moldy, it means changes in the cortical tissue, so you should try to avoid water. Basically, whether it is a leather bag, a cloth bag or a wool bag, the main point of attention is to prevent moisture. There are many ways to prevent moisture, the easiest way is to buy moisture-proof agent for protection.  2. Keep the room ventilated and ventilated.    Humidity is the decisive factor that causes the leather to mold. Under dry and ventilated conditions, even if the leather is dirty, there will be no mold. Therefore, to avoid mildew stains, it is necessary to ensure that the leather storage environment is dry and ventilated. It must be dried in the shade, not air-dried, let alone sun-dried. In addition, doors and windows should be closed tightly on rainy days and 'returning to the south' to prevent indoor humidity.  3. Regular maintenance with special protective oil   Natural leather is affected by wind and sun, dust pollution, rain, etc., which will easily cause the leather to harden and the color to fade. In order to maintain the good leather and color of the bag, the bag can be maintained and taken care of from time to time in daily life, such as using special protective oil suitable for different leathers to wipe and protect the bag regularly. Warm reminder from eight-legged OEM leather goods manufacturers: In order to show the original style of leather goods, it is best to use their special ointment!    4. After using the dust-proof cloth bag, dust-proof and moisture-proof bags, in order to prevent dust, mildew or deformation, It is best to cover the leather bag with a dust bag. If you do not need to use the bag for a period of time, it is best to put newspapers, waste paper, etc. inside the bag to fill it up to keep the bag look. At the same time, make sure that the bag is in a dry state during storage, and it is best to put it in a soft cloth cover to avoid mold due to moisture.  5. Moisture-proof maintenance during the season.    Moldy leather goods should be treated in time, and the leather luggage should be actively maintained during the season. Because the cortex is composed of animal cells, the composition of animal cells and plant cells serves as a nutrient substrate for mold growth. However, mold not only destroys cortical fibers, but also leaves pigments and germs, so it must be cleaned in time to better protect it. Own leather goods.
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