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How to design a backpack custom LOGO with visual beauty

by:Huide     2021-09-20
LOGO is not only a design of practical objects, but also a graphic art design. It has similarities with other graphic art expression methods, but also has its own artistic laws. It must embody the aforementioned characteristics in order to better perform its functions.  1. The design should be carried out on the premise that the purpose of use, the scope of application and the relevant laws and regulations of the design object are clearly explained, and the functional requirements are deeply understood.   2. The design must fully consider the feasibility of its realization, and adopt corresponding design methods for its application type, material and production conditions. At the same time, the visual effects applied to other visual communication methods (such as printing, advertising, images, etc.) or when zooming in or zooming out should be taken into consideration.  3. The design should meet the intuitive acceptance, aesthetic awareness, social psychology and taboos of the target.  4. The idea must be carefully naughty, and strive to be profound, ingenious, novel, unique, accurate, and able to withstand the test of time.   5. The composition should be concise, beautiful, and conformal (to adapt to the shape of its application).   6. Graphics and symbols should be concise and general, but also artistic.   7. The color should be simple, strong, and eye-catching.  8. Follow the LOGO art rules, creatively explore the appropriate artistic expression forms and techniques, and temper the precise artistic language to make the designed LOGO have a high overall beauty and obtain the best visual effects. This is the principle of LOGO design artistic pursuit.
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