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How to design a custom camera bag to be practical

by:Huide     2021-06-15
There are many types of photography bags, and customizing a good photography bag is actually a highly technical job. Combining with more than ten years of luggage customization experience, let's talk about the design concept of custom camera bags, hoping to be a reference and inspiration for customers and those who want to customize camera bags.   1. Design point 1: protection. The primary task of the camera bag is to protect the photographic equipment, so protection is the first factor to consider. The three different properties of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof are the protection that a camera bag must have. Waterproof and dustproof test the airtightness of the camera bag and the barrier properties of the material, so pay attention to the material and craftsmanship of the camera bag; the shockproof function mainly lies in the internal material, and the choice of neoprene, PE cotton, etc. can be used to prevent bumps. Choose the right one. It has strong protection and is more convenient to travel up and down the sea.  2. Design point 2: flexibility. The second element of customized photography bags is easy access to equipment. The flexibility of the waist bag and shoulder bag is higher than that of the double shoulder camera bag. However, small camera bags have little storage, which is a common contradiction, so you can choose a large double-shoulder camera bag with several small camera bags in it, so that you can choose cameras according to different environmental needs and reduce the burden appropriately.  3. Design point two: comfort. Comfort generally refers to the carrying system, which mainly includes double-shoulder straps, waist belt systems and hand-held types. The straps are required to be flexible, durable, and not compressed. There are also some details, such as the configuration of zippers and buckles. And most backpack camera bags usually have a soft sponge lining on the back. This design is mainly to effectively distribute the weight when carrying heavy things, reduce the weight-bearing feeling, and increase the comfort.   The protection, flexibility, and comfort of the tailor-made camera bag will be more suitable, and the protection of the camera components is very good. To design a camera bag tailored, it is best to choose a strong bag designer to tailor it for you. If you are still searching, you can contact.
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