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How to distinguish the quality of a custom gift backpack

by:Huide     2021-07-07
The backpack is practical and stylish. It is a good gift, whether it is used as a gift for employees or as a promotional gift, it is very suitable. Gift backpacks can not only reflect the commemorative significance, but also have strong practicability, and are easier to be loved by the recipients. When customizing a gift backpack, you should pay attention to the quality of the product so that you can get the desired effect. So, how to distinguish the quality of a custom-made gift backpack? How to distinguish the quality of a custom-made gift backpack?    First, pay attention to the shape of the backpack. The quality of the opening directly affects the shape of the bag, and the countertop is basically a purely manual process. In the backpack production process, manual crafts account for a high proportion. Therefore, from the shape of the backpack, the level of production technology of the luggage manufacturer can be roughly judged.   Second, check the quality of the lining. Lining is very important, but many luggage manufacturers will cut corners in this link, such as the selection of poor fabrics, small pockets and sidelines are not in place, etc., which will affect the quality of the entire backpack.  Third, observe the stitching of the fabric. The car line can best reflect the quality of the backpack and is a very important production link. When observing the thread of the fabric, you should first see whether the thread is straight, and then the tightness of the thread. Generally speaking, the quality of the backpacks of the two-line car is usually better. Custom gift backpacks look for backpack manufacturers, we are a professional backpack manufacturer, we can customize gift backpacks for you, not only design styles exactly according to your requirements, but also choose fabrics and accessories according to your budget. It is a backpack production worthy of trust. factory.
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