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How to maintain and care for backpack metal

by:Huide     2021-04-17
In the age when the face value was in charge, the backpack not only had to be used, but also had to be beautiful and shiny. The metal accessories of the backpack played a finishing touch, so they paid special attention to it. For the metal accessories of the backpack, you should choose metal with dazzling luster, clear metal layers, and smooth and non-fading by hand. In addition, care and maintenance are an important step in extending the life of metal accessories. How to maintain and protect the metal of the backpack?    There are many metal accessories on the backpack. If they are not properly protected, they are easy to rust, which will reduce the grade of the bag, which will greatly reduce our beautiful luggage. How to protect these accessories from rust, color, corrosion, and wear. Usually the first thing we think of is to add a protective film to the metal, which is also a more practical method that is often used in daily life, just like the need to add a protective film to the screen of a mobile phone. A general thin protective film is fine, and it does not fall off and does not affect the appearance. It is best to combine the accessories closely. Of course, everything will fade after a long time of use, so we can change the protective film from time to time. When we protect the metal parts of the luggage and bags, the adhesive between the PE protective film and the protective film product is not very strong, and it will fall off during transportation or use. This phenomenon occurs. The problem is that the viscosity of the sensitive adhesive produced by the protective film product is not enough, or the surface of the profile is not well cleaned. If there is a problem, it must be targeted and the right medicine must be taken. However, the protective film will perform relatively well after a period of use. The main reason for the phenomenon is that the protective film is being protected and an unnecessary retraction appears. The same PE protective film is in the production process. It should be noted that a temperature difference product in the environment and the impact of use and unnecessary stretching should be avoided during the pasting process. Although the protective film can be quickly peeled off, there is a protective film on the surface of the profile. However, because the protective film is combined with the protective type, there is a chemical combination and there is no good way at present. It can be avoided and has a rule to follow, so this method can be avoided very well at present.
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