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How to print the logo on the kindergarten schoolbag customization

by:Huide     2021-09-10
For a kindergarten, the logo not only has a deep symbolic meaning, but also has a certain advertising significance. Printing the kindergarten logo and other related information on the schoolbag can form a mobile advertising platform. The advertisement can be done wherever the' target='_blank'>backpack is carried. When others see the schoolbags, they know which kindergarten they come from, which invisibly plays a promotional role and expands the influence of the brand. So, how to print the logo on the kindergarten schoolbag customization? The manufacturer has something to say, let’s take a look!    There are many methods for custom printing logo on kindergarten schoolbag customization, such as hot stamping, pad printing, silk printing, embroidery, Printing technologies such as laser compliance and hardware mold opening are common and commonly used technologies on the market. Each printing technology has its own characteristics, and the required costs are also quite different. Today, I will introduce two common logo printing techniques for kindergarten schoolbag customization-silk screen and embroidery.  1, silk screen    screen printing is the abbreviation of screen printing, which is to stretch silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or metal screen on the screen frame, and use hand-carved paint film or photochemical plate making method to make screen printing plate. During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part by the squeeze of the squeegee, forming the same graphic as the original.  Simple screen printing equipment, convenient operation, simple printing and plate making, low cost and strong adaptability. Silk screen printing is suitable for large-scale printing, with good printing effect and low price. It is a very cost-effective one in the current logo printing process. Many customers are customizing the kindergarten schoolbags to print logos, and they choose silk-screen printing technology. Customers are also quite satisfied with the printed results. Customized schoolbag logo real image for customers ▼  2, weaving embroidery   Weaving embroidery is simply an embroidery technique that people often say. This technique is suitable for all fabric products, but modern society has changed the way of working from manual to machine. The LOGO embroidered by machine weaving is very delicate, colorful, and the surface is smooth and particularly beautiful. Weaving and embroidery is also one of the commonly used logo crafts for kindergarten schoolbag customization. There are many process technologies for customizing schoolbag logos for customers. ▼   There are many process technologies for custom printing logos for kindergarten schoolbags. Today I just briefly introduce two printing technologies that are relatively widely used and cost-effective. If you like to understand more For more details about the printing technology of schoolbag logo, please call the official free consultation hotline to learn more.
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