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How to properly clean backpacks for different purposes

by:Huide     2021-08-19
Shopping trips and travel are indispensable for traveling together with a backpack. The different use of each backpack also determines the service life of the backpack. If you want to extend the life of the backpack, the only thing that is the same is to clean the backpack correctly. The following are the cleaning methods provided according to the use of backpacks for different purposes. Let's get to know it together.  1. Backpack for business travel   Travel is a home-cooked dish for business people. Backpacks are walking back and forth in all sorts of tossings. Although they are not very dirty, they will inevitably be a bit 'tired'. Therefore, the business travel backpack that comes back is to first take out the backpack’s computer and folders; organize the backpack’s paper and other small pieces, and then check and clean up the residual handwriting. Generally speaking, it can be washed away with laundry detergent. Then use soaking. It is best to wash once 2-3 times on a business trip. 2. Leisure backpacks for outings. Leisure backpacks are usually light and fashionable, with rich and fancy colors, and are still used when going out. So every time you come back, you must gently sway the backpack twice to remove the dust remaining on the backpack. If it is Leisure backpacks that go out for 2-3 times should be washed with water, while casual backpacks on weekdays come home if they are wiped with a damp cloth, they will be more resistant to dirt. 3. Outdoor hiking backpacks. Outdoor trips are all original ecological trips. Contact with mountains, waters, flowers, and grasses. After using the field hiking backpacks, they are stained with soil, dust or sweat. It is recommended that you first use a dry soft brush to remove the dust outside the backpack. Then rinse with clean water. After a long-day trip, remember to clean the backpack; soak for about 30 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water to avoid small creatures in the backpack, or rotten leaves stuck in the backpack system, causing mold or Breed bacteria. The surface of the hiking backpack is waterproof and damaged. Please spray and maintain the backpack with a professional water repellent when the backpack is not completely dried. After spraying the professional outdoor water repellent, your backpack will have the same water repellent function as the new one!    Backpack If you are shopping for dizzy eyes, it is better to try personalized customization, which will be customized according to your requirements in all directions, and give you a unique and exclusive backpack. Backpack customization, find! We were established in 2004. We have independent research and development, design, production capabilities, professional OEM customization of various versions, and provide customized services with drawings and samples, focusing on luggage, quality and affordable prices. Your trusted manufacturer!
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