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How to protect the customized colors of fashion trolley cases?

by:Huide     2021-07-30
Whether in a large domestic shopping mall or a small wholesale market, we can easily see that there are all kinds of trolley cases on sale, and in our conventional consciousness, trolley cases are only capable of holding things, which are more than ordinary. Luggage is just an extra feature that can facilitate pushing and pulling. So which brand of domestic trolley case is better? Whether it is a large-brand trolley case or a trolley case produced by a small workshop, the function has not been expanded too much, and it only has some basic functions of a trolley case. If friends buy such a Shuti trolley duffel case, it will be very smooth to travel all over the world. First of all, after the trolley duffel case has been used for a period of time, friends should put a layer of plastic film on the surface of the trolley case when storing it, and then put on a special outer packaging bag for the trolley case, so as to ensure that no matter when you want to To take out the trolley case and use it, the trolley case is brand new. And this can also play a very good role in protecting the zipper of the trolley case. Many friends may have a similar experience. The trolley case itself is still intact, but the zipper of the case is prematurely oxidized and cannot be used again. Up. Secondly, if the ground on which you are walking is not flat enough, try to use your hand to hold the trolley case. This can help maintain the trolley case rollers, so as to ensure that the life of the trolley case can be extended, because if the rollers are broken, it is It is not easy to replace. Finally, the protection of the color of the trolley box is also very important. After cleaning the trolley box, friends should let it dry in the shade. Never dry the box directly in the sun, which will easily degrade the color of the trolley box itself.
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