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How to tell a good backpack

by:Huide     2020-07-10

in numerous custom bags manufacturer, we want to customize a good backpack, we should not only see appearance appearance level, the quality of the backpack is also we very unsettled. A quality and simple sense is good backpack can not only reflect the personal temperament, and most are durable. Carry it with it wherever he doesn't throw van. Has many years of production experience backpack manufacturers to introduce how to distinguish good bags.

1。 Look at backpack process. If you buy a backpack on a lot of joining together inside and outside decoration or have a lot of package, it takes a lot of time, when the processing of the backpack is very responsible for work is not in the scene, it is not easy to imagine sometimes produce a complex bag after dozens to hundreds of working procedure, the light has many different kinds of raw materials, accessories and hardware such as hemp. Although backpack production workshop is flow process, but the production daily report, the average daily production is only one or less than one is very common. Under the circumstances of personnel salary gradually zhang, the production cost, no doubt became a backpack your truth!

2。 The bag material. This could be the root of the backpack, there are many kinds of fabrics, synthetic leather, cloth, leather, PU, fabric is very obvious, skin of course is better, but now most of the backpack is using PU leather, is already very thin layers of composite on a layer of PU leather, so feel and glossiness is good, cortical surface can also do some pattern processing. Actually this kind of fabric is good, not easy dirty, beautiful and durable. Inside is now mostly polyester and canvas, actually the most important thing is not too soft, if too soft, put things there are obstacles, lining also take out something, they'll put out, it's not good!

3。 The backpack hardware accessories. There are some hardware fittings on each bag, at least also want to have a zipper! Good hardware fittings on the backpack luster have qualitative feeling very much! Touched with the hand, electroplating the surface of the leaves of moisture will slowly fade away, and then resume shine. Just like to touch a piece of clear glass. Bad looks only rough plating hardware accessories. Additional accessories hardware will scrutinize, generally good backpack must be configured hardware fittings, because the overall effect is not good hardware accessories for the consumption of the simple sense of backpack is a serious. Now that why don't use good fabrics with good hardware make the finishing point?

4。 Look at backpack style. Different social groups have their own favorite design, general brand bags manufacturers have specialized design team, design is always cater to fashion trends, design cost is one of the backpack to your truth, rather than the brand bag factory there is no specific design, the design of some main imitation brand, if you can find two same a quality goods an unoriginal backpacks are compared, you can discover, unoriginal backpack fake there is always a little is not enough, because the strength of the company, production equipment and management gaps, fake bag processing the more tiny place more difficult to follow the

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