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How to use luggage code lock

by:Huide     2021-06-19
What should I do if I forget the password of the suitcase and trolley duffel suitcase? If you want to know how the luggage code lock works, let's follow the custom editor to understand the working principle of the luggage code lock. Why when we set any number as the correct code, a groove parallel to the horizontal axis can be formed in the code lock, which can open the code lock. Password locks for suitcases are generally controlled by three digital rollers. First of all, three number wheels and a small plastic gear respectively run through a plastic column. First of all, the three number wheels seen from the outside and a small plastic gear pierce through a plastic column. Those three plastic gears are the key to unlocking. When the three gears are turned to the proper position, they will interact with these three gears. The matching gear bar (a plastic bar of about 2cm with three gear holes on it) is pressed down, and the spring at the left end of the gear bar works, springs the gear bar to the right, and pushes away the right column (this column is stuck in the opening lock The two wheels of the lock can not be opened), so that the code lock can be opened. To set the code lock, the lock must be in the open state. At this time, a plastic hook separates the number wheel from the plastic gear. Turning the plastic gear under the number wheel does not work. Release the lock, and the number key engages with the plastic gear and rotates the number. Then the gear also moves. The password setting is complete. In fact, setting the password only changes the matching position of the digital wheel and the plastic gear, and the matching position of the gear bar and the plastic gear will not change. Combining theory with practice can get the true knowledge. If you want to study the principle of luggage code lock, the best way is to take a look at the code lock of a code box, so that you can fully understand the structure and the structure of the luggage. The operation process of the code lock is now.
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