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How to use the backpack correctly to improve the durability of the backpack?

by:Huide     2021-05-14
From nine to five, it’s not just you, but your backpack. Your backpack will accompany you to and from get off work, and you have to carry all your luggage when you travel. So how do we use backpacks correctly? How to use backpacks correctly to improve the durability of backpacks?    Backpacks in life, take a pat and shake every day when you come home, and keep it tidy; three or four Months later, you can be diligent and take the backpack to wash and dry. It is easy to collect dust in a travel backpack, so it is inevitable to use a vacuum cleaner and other tools to remove dust regularly. But do not use the brush head close to the cloth surface, so as not to leave the stolen goods on the cloth surface. If there are dirty spots on the fabric, first wash the towel with clean water with detergent and wring it until it is slightly damp. Wipe the dirty spots, repeat several times until they are clean, and then wash the towel with clean water and wring it to half dry Wipe clean and air dry naturally. The above is about the tidy work of backpack travel. The following is about the care of backpack accessories and the daily use problems:    1. If the fabric and hardware of the backpack are scratched, it cannot be repaired. Always prevent contact with sharp objects and avoid contact. Chemicals. 2. Don't let the backpack load too much. The general casual backpack (worry on weekdays) can bear up to 4-7 kg. Too heavy will cause wrinkles, deformation, cracks, or even fall apart. It will be a bit embarrassing if you fall apart outside. .  3. Always keep the backpack dry; if the backpack gets wet or damp, it will cause deformation.   4. Backpacks of different colors should not be washed close together to avoid staining.   5. Do not put the glossy (patent leather) backpack in the plastic bag to avoid adhesion.
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